Shingles and The German New Medicine


I recently had a phone consultation with an older woman that had a mild to moderate case of shingles. She was convinced that since she had chickenpox at an earlier age, the virus had simply been dormant. The accepted theory is that the chickenpox virus lies dormant in the spinal cord nerves until something triggers a reactivation. This is just a theory.

The outbreak for her was along her left buttocks and thigh. I explained to her that she was already in the resolution phase and as long as there was no Kidney Collecting Tubule Program (KCTS) running and we could make sure the biological conflict was truly “put to bed” and not reopened again through reminders – it was just a matter of navigating the healing phase.

The first challenge was explaining how it was impossible for shingles to be related to a reactivation of the varicella zoster virus associated with chickenpox. Always associated with the dermis, in German New Medicine – are bacteria, not viruses. Only epidermal conflicts would have a viral relevancy (the fourth biological law.) I explained to her that shingles is a biological conflict of the dermis with a sense of feeling soiled or dirty – and that when she was in conflict activity, she would perhaps only be aware of some neuralgia. Yet beneath the epidermis, in the deeper corium layer, amelanotic melanomas would form along the dermatomal nerve segments.

We discussed the importance of relationships relative to the expression as well. This woman’s laterality was left. This is important as the manifestation on the left side of her body was partner related. I explained to her that it is only upon resolution of the conflict that the painful blisters will open and break. If the blisters are cultured, bacteria are found, not viruses.

As soon as she heard this she sat up straight and tears welled up. Her mind had ‘hit’ upon the conflict. She relayed to me that she had been in a nightclub about two years prior when a gentleman she was dancing with, out of nowhere squeezed her buttock and grabbed her thigh. This was recorded in her psyche as her conflict-shock. She told me how gross she felt as she was in no way attracted to this person but was dancing with him as a favor to her friend. She felt both violated, filthy and disgusted. All she wanted to do was go hope and take a hot, soapy shower. Unfortunately, the night was young and her ride refused too leave. She sat in the darkened club, ruminating about this for the rest of the evening. She also relayed to be something unique to her psyche. She had always been proud of, how shall I say, her backside – her words. The reason this is important is that in her subjective pysche – her buttocks were relative to intimacy.

Recently, she met and fell in love with a wonderful man who adored her. Things were good. She felt safe and loved for the first time in her life. With a bit of discomfort and embarrassment, she explained to me that her new love was a lover of her junk-in-the-trunk (again her words.) He was very tactile and payed special attention to that area. He would often lovingly caress her there (her conflict resolution.)

This is when the blisters began to open up. I explained to her that the most painful time was the next couple of weeks and if she had no relapses it would be about six weeks for the program to run its course. She dressed the open blisters with natural remedies and took Advil as recommended by her doctor. Today she is fine. No scars. No pain. No residual, what-so-ever.

Shingles and The German New Medicine
Neal Smookler:

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  • Could you address nerve damage as a result of severe case of shingles? Many people who have had shingles get this.

    I have it for almost 1 1/2 years - continuous pain on my left side (I am right handed). My hands are warm so I am not in conflict stage. Still numb, yet being pulled off to one side. Also, shingles occurred 1/17 as result of election aftermath with the riots/Soros-funded countercoup attempts on Trump, and my fear of civil war, plus problems with farm workers and my ability to care for/protect my animals. Besides being a hypnotherapist, I am a dowser and went over all of my mental/emotional charts to locate issue to find the political issue was the major driver of the problem.

    • The neuralgia in the case of shingles is the result of relapsing "tracks" (triggers, subconscious reminders) of the original biological conflict.

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