Dr. Neal Robert Smookler Reviews

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A Gifted, Caring Healer.

Aug 21, 2014 By: Meredeth Hartwell

Dr. Neal Smookler is a passionate and personable German New Medicine practitioner who embodies dedication to the well-being of his clients. I am impressed that although he is a master of several modalities, his approach to GNM is to keep it pure, principled and undiluted – focusing on Dr. Hamer’s findings and pushing all the frilly extras aside. He possesses a unique perceptual insight to bring to light how the psyche has perceived the conflict and the manner to best unravel it.  He’s a pragmatist, different clients will frame their conflicts in different ways and he respects whatever best suits them. He doesn’t offer seminars. He doesn’t write books. He doesn’t do health fairs or market  DVD’s – he seems to focus everything he has on the individual.  I am excited to learn more about GNM from this very gifted and caring healer!

Very Knowledgeable and Passionate.

Sep 07, 2014 By: Cheryl Wright

Dr Neal Smookler is a very knowledgeable German New Medicine practitioner. He has a desire and a passion to share this knowledge with others.. Neal understands that there are emotional components to all diseases and when you find the “conflict” you resolve the dis-ease. He brings  new perspectives and approaches to his clients. Neal has a refreshing way at seeing one’s dis-ease and conflict, while being very caring, supportive and present.

Hippocratic Oath Revisited ~ “Do No Harm.”

Sep 16, 2014 By: Marianne Hennigan R.N.

It is rare to have a vision, even more so to have the eloquence and expertise to communicate that new perspective to others. Dr. Neal Robert Smookler does exactly this as a Practitioner of German New Medicine, gifting the community with an uncommon and exciting opportunity to look at health and the restoration of well-being with a new lens offering hope and promise.  Dr. Smookler’s dedication and lifelong passion to be of service as a Chiropractor and Alphabioticist, is once again instilled into his pursuit of sharing the New Medicine’s insights.  Kind, genuine, human, friendly, witty, surpassingly wise, Dr. Smookler offers his clients the opportunity and potential to achieve the health they desire, with deep understanding and relief from the fear of something being wrong or “terminal.” I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Smookler for over ten years as a client and colleague, and not only is he a well trained, highly intelligent and responsible practitioner, his knowledge and application of the New Medicine is exceptional. I have had personal experience working with Dr. Smookler managing my own health issues with great success. With his adorable Golden Retriever Huntington by his side lending an air of comfort and hominess to any consultation, Dr. Smookler brings a long awaited need to what people have been searching for – the possibility that the power to heal and be healed extends beyond the limits of what we have long understood.


Oct 13, 2014 By: Joji Goto

Conditions: cancer

I came to Dr Neal Smookler asking questions looking for answers.. He directed me . Consoled me. And lucky for me everything has been fine. I recommend him without hesitation. He has made my life better…

A Doctor that Really Cares!!

Oct 26, 2014 By: Kelly Lewis

I had constant pain in my neck and back. I was going at least once a month for massages to get relief. The girl doing the massages told me that I would be a good candidate for Dr. Smookler. I got his number from her, I called him immediately . He called me right away. He told me about German New Medicine. After a couple of consultations I could actually turn my head to see if traffic was coming. My lower back hurt and that feels so much better too. Then I had pain in my knees I told Dr. Smookler and we had a session, it made so much sense to me,once I did what he told me to do, my knees actually got better. I so recommend Dr. Smookler to anyone that has tried others things and they haven’t worked for them. This works and Dr.Smookler really cares!!!

Incredible Practitioner of GNM.

Jun 09, 2015 By: Anonymous (for privacy concerns.)

I found Dr. Smookler online and am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him.  I did a phone session and also worked with him in person.  I read all I could find on GNM and it lead me to him.  His understanding and application of German New Medicine are beyond what I could have hoped for.  I have learned so much from him.  And have healed what I thought to be a chronic virus that was present in my system for 30 years.  I will continue to work with him for other issues and recommend him to anyone looking to heal anything in their body, mind or spirit.  He thoroughly understands the emotional component to all physical disease as taught through the new medicine and he brings to that his own unique intuitive ability and a deep sense of caring for the individual to heal.  I am indebted to him for the time that he spent on my case and the thoughtful questions he asked that lead us to uncovering my original biological conflict.  This work is so exciting and it makes so much sense.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Suspicious Cyst in Breast Resolved

Jul 07, 2015 By: Paulette

Even though I had heard about GNM years ago I had never had any reason to explore it. As a nurse when I got my results of the biopsy I knew it wasnt good. I woke up a day or two following and remembered GNM. I went on line and found Dr. Smookler. I liked his web site and decided to contact him. It was the best decision so far in my treatment. Dr Smookler gave me a complete new lease on life. I was terribly worried and afraid. After my session with him it was as if the weight of the world was lifted from me. I had the surgery required and went through it without a hitch. Amazing. I haven’t felt better in my whole life. Thank-you for everything you have given to me.

Warmly Paulette

Caring Doctor.

Jun 19, 2016 By: Tammy S.
I am writing about my first german new medicine session with Dr. Smookler. Words and gratitude alone feel somehow common and simple as the session taught me so much not only about my illness – but about me. It wasn’t something I planned on but  the session has deeply changed me. It was the most vital aspect of recovery for ‎me. I didn’t fully understand everything at the start but Dr. Smookler in his own gentle way walked me through everything. He knew until I really “owned” it that I would need support – and he was right. He knew to keep my mind open to all available modalities, traditional and other until we were in the clear. I believe Neal’s instincts come from the fact the he listens. He is completely nonjudgemental and respectful. I truly believe he wants to help every individual who contacts him. This is so much bigger than this space allows but I hope you’ll take from this, a seedling of hope. And, I hope you are also well, Neal and enjoying the summer. Don’t ever downplay what a blessing you are to those in fear, confused and suffering. Sincerely, Tammy S.

Colon cancer.

By: Stephen Han
I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer two years ago, and went through chemo, radiation, and surgeries. I wish I’d heard about GNM and Dr. Smookler earlier, as I would have done things very differently. Dr. Smookler explained GNM to me and how cancer functions. He put me at ease and changed my entire way of looking at cancer, relieving me of the fears that the disease brings. The last time I checked (6 months ago), lesions on my liver had died out of their own accord, without any allopathic treatment. I am no longer afraid of cancer and don’t expect to die from it. My body is wrecked however, from the conventional treatments I received. If I could do it all over again, I would not do ANY of the standard Western treatments. Dr. Smookler freed me from my fear-based reactions, which has made the experience of having cancer much easier to live with. Thank you Neal! ~ Stephen Han

I made it through. So grateful.

July 22, 2016, By: Ishak Mescioglu

If you are reading this, then it’s likely you are trying to learn about and decide if German New Medicine can help you. This was my first experience with GNM and as a natural born skeptic I researched a lot – some good, some not so good. I could not find anything negative for Dr. Smookler and I now understand why. He has an authenticity about him.There’s a familiarity he exudes that feels like home – at least to me. He genuinely wants for you what you want for yourself. I have never in my life met someone more determined to help. I did a lot of research online before contacting Neal – most of which was very scientific and difficult to understand. Ignore all the nonsense you may read online about German New Medicine. It’s just that, nonsense. When I spoke with Neal he explained everything in a way that anyone could easily comprehend. He’s got a knack for simplifying all this, that’s all I can say. He was a last resort but now, I feel lucky that I followed my gut and had my initial session with him. I was having some complicated health concerns that had me outright scared. I was not in so great a place. We were able to identify the underlying conflict, surprisingly quickly (as it went back almost 20 years) and determined that I was in a healing phase with most of my concerns, that itself was a huge relief. I made it through. So grateful.

I have learned so much. 

July 2016. Carla Gomes.

I found Dr. Smookler online and am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him. I did a phone session and also worked with him in person. I read all I could find on GNM and it lead me to him. His understanding and application of German New Medicine are beyond what I could have hoped for. I have learned so much from him. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

We cannot heal if we are in a state of panic.

Feb. 2. 2017, By: Arvik Zeki. I initially thought German New Medicine was “out there” and I guess to some it is but Neal made my session seem as normal as anything else I’ve ever done. I know it’s boring to read yet another 5 star review, but it’s really hard to rate Neal lower. He’s very easy to talk to, even from our first phone contact – a conversation that was itself helpful enough that I decided to move forward with a full session. During a session he’s completely present, sometimes to the point where he seems very quiet – he’s just listening and quietly assimilating things. I would get an email from him days later with follow up questions…he was still processing our session and piecing everything together. He’s not simply explaining GNM – he wants you to understand it, to be able to incorporate and apply under real-life circumstances. He was able to take a difficult health issue and by the end of our first conversation reframe my understanding so I could at least take a deep breath and step back from it all. One thing I learned is that we cannot heal if we are in a state of panic. He helped me to understand why I got sick, what I had to do to get better and what to expect as the process unfolds. He will only agree to work with you if he feels he can help and feels you’ll hold up your end of the bargain by putting in the work (mindfulness) that is needed. I had referred a good friend but Neal suggested another modality he felt more likely to be of assistance. He’s very good at his craft and for that I am grateful.

ThankYou Dr. For All Your Help!

May 24, 2017 By: Gene Cayer
I don’t know where to begin. Neal is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. When a phone session begins – he’s there, fully present. German New Medicine was a little bit unusual in that it’s not counseling, it’s very specific in looking for what is referred to as a DHS or biological conflict – which is basically a trauma that has affected our health. I’ve never met anyone who can tie seemingly unrelated events together in a way that once you understand – you ask yourself, why couldn’t I see that before, it’s so obvious? Neal has uncanny ability to ask a few right-to-the-point questions and pinpoint the conflict within the first conversation. He’s been at this for a while but I was nevertheless blown away by his accuracy. His patience, guidance and unbridled optimism are something I am forever grateful. He’s extremely compassionate and non-judgemental. Very highly recommended. For those out there who are skeptical of GNM, it is definitely worth making an appointment.

The Most Patient, Kind, Generous and Loving Heart I’ve Ever Come Across.

I am 58 and have spent a lifetime working on many issues both physical and emotional. Dr. Smookler has changed my life. I’m not the same person. I’m no longer terrified of my physical diagnosis and am confident I’ll live a long healthy happy life. His understanding of GNM is rock solid. He is one-of-a-kind and I thank God every day I found him. It would take way too many pages to write about how amazing Dr. Smookler is, and there’s really not much more that I can say than all of the rest of the reviews that he has gotten. He is so good at taking notes and remembering you I’m deeply grateful because I keep forgetting things said in past sessions and within a second he reminds me of these things and I get instant recall. I also have learned to heal many minor aches and pains instantly all on my own. Call him and get the books. You will change in ways never dreamed of. He also gets back to you FAST. I’ve never had to wait hours to hear from him through texting.

This was a wonderful way to learn German New Medicine.

Sue Hayes. Bend, Oregon (June 2018)

As I reflect on my work with Dr. Smookler, there have been some key a-ha’s for me. First, I needed to invest some time in determining my original conflict shock. This meant reviewing specific time lines in my past. There were moments when I thought I had landed on that shock, when further specific questioning and clarification by Dr. Smookler finally lead to an indisputable answer. In my moments of fear and panic, Neal was able to share stories of how others had navigated through their programs and as we know, there is nothing more powerful than a personal story to generate a change in thinking. This was so important for me, to hear Neal share other client stories – their experience, their approach, their perspective, their insights, how they successfully navigated tough stretches of their biological program. This was a wonderful way to learn German New Medicine…experientially. As I continued my work, I realized that getting on with and just living my life created the necessary space for me to note my tracks and practice GNM.  At the same time, I would often need to “reboot” my knowledge so that I was not literally “scared to death” when I attended medical visits or evaluations and to keep myself from falling back into traditional thinking about melanoma. Dr. Smookler has miraculously moved me from a mindset of “cancer will kill me” to “I’m well”.  I’m beyond grateful and will continue this more than supportive guidance as long as I need a boost to maintain my health and stability.

Having Neal to consult with has been a godsend.

Stacey Scotia, Buckfield, Maine. (July 2018)

I had read a great deal about German New Medicine and felt sure it explained illness in terms of nature’s perfection. This resonated with me. However, it wasn’t until I consulted with Dr. Smookler that I was able to operationalize the concepts in a manner that made it applicable. Having Neal to consult with has been a godsend.