German New Medicine "life classroom."

Over the past few years, a restructuring of our session format has been underway – to include more practical application and focus on the sharing of perspectives, observations and insights.

To present German New Medicine in a way that is tangible, relevant and of course … far from boring!

Let’s face it – one can only take so much endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm in one sitting.

I can’t take full credit for this “life classroom” concept – as it was inspired by one of my clients, Sue Hayes, during one of our sessions.

We don’t offer seminars, write books, upsell ongoing monthly subscriptions, conduct health fairs nor mass market CD’s and DVD’s. We’re not wellness coaches nor cheerleaders. We’re certainly not jacks-of-all-trades; doing a little of this, a little of that.

For the past decade our singular focus has remained steadfast – the application and insights of Dr. Hamer’s most up-to-date scientific research to each client’s unique story. Quite simple, really.

Yes, an intellectual understanding of German New Medicine is essential in order to appreciate the basic tenants of Dr. Hamer’s discoveries – yet in order to have an experience of German New Medicine … that requires guidance.

It requires support.

It requires direction.

It requires discussion.

It requires a “life classroom” – sharing the approach, learning curve, mistakes, ‘a-ha’ moments and breakthroughs of our other clients.

For the past few years I have been observing and documenting how my client’s process their sessions.

Specifically how they arrive at the place where they have the ‘a-ha’ moment – when they truly ‘get it.’

What I discovered was that by sharing the ups and downs, the wins and losses of others – it was transferable to everyone.

How others remained positive in the face of what seemed dire and hopeless.

How others navigated through a difficult healing phase.

How others held steadfast to their new found footing in the face of other influences.

How others became ‘mindful’ in their ability to access the subconscious and appreciate thought flashes, hunches and clues.

How others were able to allow conflicts and tracks to come to them (versus chasing after them.)

How others handled doctor’s visits and set-backs.

What has evolved is the session presentation now focuses on passing along the perspectives and observations as gleaned from all client sessions (while maintaing full confidentiality.)

So, how do we make it an authentically personal experience?

By freely and openly sharing these practices – nothing is held back.

A very customized learning experience is tailored to your individual needs.

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience. Experiential learning is distinct from rote or didactic learning, in which the learner plays a comparatively passive role. Experiential learning considers the individual learning process. As such, is concerned with more concrete issues related to the learner and the learning context. Wikipedia

Mind you, this is not formal education – yet we have found this creative method to be the most effective (and engaging) way to impart and share this information. Our clients have found it to be the single most effective way to absorb and ‘clearly see’ the depth of German New Medicine.

As ‘clear seeing’ emerges – the possibility to cultivate an objective outlook on our unique conflict story is greatly enhanced, and instead of just making the nightmare of struggle a little nicer, we can begin to wake up from it and release into the freedom that is inherently ours.

Dr. Smookler graduated from Boston College with a Bachelors of Science in Biology in June 1985 and received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in December 1988.  For the last thirty years, Neal has maintained three full time practices in Boston, Wellesley and Hopkinton Massachusetts.

As I reflect on my work with Dr. Smookler, there have been some key a-ha’s for me.

First, I needed to invest some time in determining my original conflict shock. This meant reviewing specific time lines in my past. There were moments when I thought I had landed on that shock, when further specific questioning and clarification by Dr. Smookler finally lead to an indisputable answer.

In my moments of fear and panic, Neal was able to share stories of how others had navigated through their programs and as we know, there is nothing more powerful than a personal story to generate a change in thinking. This was so important for me, to hear Neal share other client stories – their experience, their approach, their perspective, their insights, how they successfully navigated tough stretches of their biological program.

This was a wonderful way to learn German New Medicine…experientially.

As I continued my work, I realized that getting on with and just living my life created the necessary space for me to note my tracks and practice GNM.

At the same time, I would often need to “reboot” my knowledge so that I was not literally “scared to death” when I attended medical visits or evaluations and to keep myself from falling back into traditional thinking about melanoma.

Dr. Smookler has miraculously moved me from a mindset of “cancer will kill me” to “I’m well”. I’m beyond grateful and will continue this more than supportive guidance as long as I need a boost to maintain my health and stability.

Sue Hayes. Bend, Oregon (June 2018)

I had read a great deal about German New Medicine and felt sure it explained illness in terms of nature’s perfection. This resonated with me. However, it wasn’t until I consulted with Dr. Smookler that I was able to operationalize the concepts in a manner that made it applicable.

Having Neal to consult with has been a godsend.

Stacey Scotia, Buckfield, Maine. (July 2018)

I am writing about my first German New Medicine session with Dr. Smookler.

Words and gratitude alone feel somehow common and simple as the session taught me so much not only about my illness – but about me. It wasn’t something I planned on but  the session has deeply changed me. It was the most vital aspect of recovery for ‎me. 

I didn’t fully understand everything at the start but Dr. Smookler in his own gentle way walked me through everything. He knew until I really “owned” it that I would need support – and he was right. He knew to keep my mind open to all available modalities, traditional and other until we were in the clear.

I believe Neal’s instincts come from the fact the he listens. He is completely nonjudgemental and respectful. I truly believe he wants to help every individual who contacts him. 

This is so much bigger than this space allows but I hope you’ll take from this, a seedling of hope. And, I hope you are also well, Neal and enjoying the summer. Don’t ever downplay what a blessing you are to those in fear, confused and suffering.

Tammy S. (June, 19, 2016.) 

German New Medicine "life classroom." - gnmology

If you are new to German New Medicine it is often a challenge to wrap one’s mind around it all – this is normal. It is for that reason that a GNM “life classroom”  is intrinsically woven into all of our FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype and  phone sessions.

So, if you are just getting started, we recommend you begin here prior to your first session. It is suggested that you read through each link twice – the first time casually, as you would a novel | the second time detailed and focused, as you would a textbook.

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