The DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome)

1:30 sec. – 2:50 sec. (pay close attention at 2:09 sec. – 2:10 sec.)

The DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome) - New Medicine Online - GNM practitioner

The DHS or Dirk Hamer Syndrome is the loving acronym that Dr. Hamer coined to define the initiating shock that catalyzes all disease as well as all functional change. The above scene from the 2004 film “Ray” (The Life of Ray Charles) starring Jamie Foxx so eloquently depicts the young Ray Charles experiencing a DHS. A DHS (also referred to as a biological conflict or biological shock) is often an event so stunning in it’s distress that one’s conscious mind cannot process it. In order to help us survive that moment in time, nature intercedes by taking the distress off of the psyche and transferring it to the physical body in the form of a compensatory, adaptation response, what we call disease – that the body is able to run or process over time. This is nature’s way of satisfying Abraham Maslow’s need for self preservation as the translation from the psyche to the body buys time for the possibility of a conflict resolution. The answer is revealed by understanding what catalyzed the disease response and or functional loss on the cellular level. The causes of blindness vary but when dealing with biological conflict, we are most often looking at healing phases that have been chronic for years if not decades, i.e. relapsing in and out of conflict activity. For example, Cataracts – healing phase of a severe visual separation from a loved one. Macular degeneration – long standing biological conflict with respect to a fear from behind,  danger or fear for a loved one. Glaucoma – a danger or fear from behind in regard to a predator or pest. Retinitis Pigmentosa –  a brutal separation conflict from a loved one. Ocular Melanoma – follow cranial nerve innervation (ingoing and outgoing morsel) and centers on something disturbing, offensive or dirty that was seen. Retinopathy – same as macular degeneration above.

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The DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome)
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