Liver Cancer. Bile Duct Cancer.

Liver Cancer - German New Medicine - Neal Smookler


Starvation. It’s about what sustains us – nutritionally, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

An individual can experience a biological conflict of starvation in real time, in real terms. This is an “old brain” conflict about survival.

In the animal kingdom, a ‘morsel’ is literal. In our human realm, it is more often figurative – a situation, scenario, event, occurrence, relationship, person or job that is the morsel necessary for our sustenance.

A literal paucity of food.

In pre-formula (similac) days, a mother unable to breast feed her infant. Adherence to a specific diet with food restrictions and limitations. Dietary restrictions implemented because of the belief that sugar fuels cancer. Religious dietary restrictions where one’s cravings are not met. Even being lost in the woods with limited foodstuffs. Starving oneself due to a distorted body image. Starving oneself to lose weight.

I recently consulted with a client with a colorectal biological program – he feared intestinal blockage and therefore couldn’t or shouldn’t eat to avoid such an outcome. In his mind, if he could not digest his food, he would starve.

Not being able to eat due to the trials of radiation, surgery or chemotherapy.

Liver cancer is more common in Africa and other third world countries where the literal threat of famine exists.

Yet in developed countries, the starvation theme is symbolic.

Living under the poverty line. A unforeseen job loss for self or spouse, a demotion, loss of income, loss of savings – how will I provide for my family, loss of economic support, just keeping your head above water, economic collapse due to the stock market, poor investing, “war of the roses” a divorce, an uninsured health scare, an IRS suit … economically running dry, liquidity and assets evaporating and the ability to feed oneself (sustenance) evaporating at the same time.

Fame, recognition, approval … anything that might uniquely be required to sustain our existence.

The conflict of starvation may on rare occasion even have a shading of existence attached … I’ll starve without your love.

How many times has that love song been written?


The lyrics were abridged from the 1983 “Windows in the Jungle” LP by 10 cc.

“Food For Thought”

Milk and honey/
Your lips are milk and honey/
Sweet and tasty/
Your love is sweet and tasty/
Champagne kisses/
You give me champagne kisses/
Hot and spicy/
Your love is hot and spicy/

Food for thought/
You give me food for thought/
Oh don’t let me down/
I’ll starve without your love/

Starve without your love.
Starve without your love.
Starve without your love.

The abstraction above is less common yet I present it to yield an appreciation of the shape and nuance that any conflict can take on. Conflicts are not always cut and dry.

Among many, one of the liver’s function is to produce bile that ultimately assists with the breakdown and absorption of fats and foodstuffs. This is important as this “absorptive” quality is evident in the conflict active or cold phase of the conflict where an augmentation (cell increase, cell plus) of liver cells or hepatocytes serves to improve the absorptive capacity of the liver – so the ‘morsel’ can be optimally utilized to best deal with the paucity of the conflict’s nature – famine (literal and symbolic.)

If the nature of the conflict is intense or chronic, the augmentation of hepatocytes or liver cells may be diagnosed as liver cancer – an adeno or hepatocellular carcinoma.

Dr. Hamer has observed that multiple lesions involve a starvation threat for oneself whereas a solitary lesion reflects a starvation threat for another. There can also be one lesion or nodule for each person whom one has a starvation conflict for and about. So multiple nodules may be about self, they may also be for multiple loved ones.

Upon conflict resolution or warm phase, the cell augmentation immediately stops. TB mycobacteria (liver tuberculosis)will deconstruct the cells (cell decrease, cell negative -) as they are no longer necessary since the nature of the conflict has been resolved. This will all take place in the presence of night sweats.

If no bacteria are available due to past overuse of antibiotics, the lesions will simple encapsulate and may later be diagnosed as a liver cyst (or misdiagnosed as cancer.)

In either scenario, this is the natural healing of the resolved liver conflict.

The deconstructed lesions or nodules will leave behind ‘holes’ or ‘cavern’ like spaces which may be accompanied by swelling (pain) as they refill.

If there is an active kidney collecting tubule conflict, we may experience what Dr. Hamer refers to as the ‘syndrome” which will amplify all healing phase symptoms – but it is due to conflict activity in the kidney collecting tubules, not a organ healing phase.

The syndrome creates increased liver swelling, liver enlargement, potential obstruction, occlusion, inflammation, pain, pain management issues, declining blood results, diagnostic misinterpretations, hospitalization and complications! complications! complications! that may need to be medically addressed.

A biological conflict in the main body of the liver above must be distinguished from a conflict of the bile ducts – which is a “new brain” conflict not about survival but territory.

When one experiences a territorial anger over a boundary violation (a boundary that has been violated, breached) usually relative to money, property, an inheritance (in the case of a left-handed female, we are looking at an identity issue) they may experience that situation as a biological conflict of the bile ducts. It’s a theme of being robbed or ripped off.

In this particular situation, during conflict activity, ulcerations (cell decrease, cell negative -) of the squamous epithelium of the bile ducts will initiate, facilitating a widening of the ducts. Mild pain may be evident. The biological meaning is revealed during this time of conflict activity as the ulcerative widening of the bile ducts facilitates a greater bile flow to assist the individual in ‘coming to terms’ with the situation.

Upon conflict resolution, the ulcerations fill in (cell increase, cell plus +) heal and swelling occurs in the bile ducts. If the rate of cell increase is above an agreed upon threshold – a label of malignant is placed on the process.

Severe swelling may also contribute to a cancer of the bile duct diagnosis. The liver enzymes will often elevate with a bile duct swelling, most common with a resolved territorial anger – boundary violation, yet if the swelling with the adeno or hepatocellular carcinoma is severe enough the ducts may also be compromised.

Jaundice, elevated liver enzymes may be seen.

With chronic relapses, scarring may occur – this is commonly known as cirrhosis.

Each and every disease holds a purposeful biological meaning. This is revelatory. Once we grasp this – the mystery, enigma and darkness softens.

If the individual can solve the biological conflict early on, before too much conflict mass has built, the tumor will go through the natural degradation and or encapsulation process. Whatever practical actions can resolve our unique conflicts must be taken, otherwise the conflict active growth will continue and liver compromise will ensue.

This can be avoided with knowledge, with awareness, with mindfulness. All directed towards deactivating the liver biological program.

Liver cancer need not be terminal, it is reversible in many cases providing the individual has solved the biological shock early on.

As always, survival is dependent upon the intensity and duration of the conflict activity.

Having the proper medical system in place to navigate through the programs unfoldment is of fundamental importance, but with a true understanding of German New Medicine the majority of liver programs need not reach the extremes we observe under a more traditional watch.

In that standard, panic and fear inherent within the paradigm set into motion additional conflict-shocks (secondary and tertiary programs) that critically muddle the outcome, crippling the prospect of a recovery. The paradigm and protocol create a slippery slope from the get go; the very model is a strong causal determinant.

It is vital to understand the role that these emotions plays in biological programs such as these. When our existence is threatened by a liver cancer diagnosis one will all too frequently go down that slope of absolute terror – the kidney collecting tubules may initiate and compromise the outcome.

It’s vital to keep panic to a minimum. The best way, really the only way to accomplish this is by understanding the biological purpose or meaning of these very programs. By having an understanding as to what one can expect as the program unfolds is so important to ‘keep our cool.’ Dr. Hamer has given us the research so we can reframe our thinking to see disease for what it is – an essential biological special program, an emergency cellular adaptation response – not to be dreaded but rather, understood and navigated in a new light. It is huge to understand this.

Liver spots, btw, have nothing to do with the liver – they are merely the result of sun exposure stimulating melanin production.

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Liver Cancer. Bile Duct Cancer.

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