• Client Share – July 2018.

  • ‘Metastatic’ breast cancer to spine and pelvis.

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  • Client Share – June 2018.

  • Melanoma Program.

As I reflect on my work with Dr. Smookler, there have been some key a-ha’s for me.

First, I needed to invest some time in determining my original conflict shock. This meant reviewing specific time lines in my past. There were moments when I thought I had landed on that shock, when further specific questioning and clarification by Dr. Smookler finally lead to an indisputable answer.

In my moments of fear and panic, Neal was able to share stories of how others had navigated through their programs and as we know, there is nothing more powerful than a personal story to generate a change in thinking. This was so important for me, to hear Neal share other client stories – their experience, their approach, their perspective, their insights, how they successfully navigated tough stretches of their biological program.

This was a wonderful way to learn German New Medicine…experientially.

As I continued my work, I realized that getting on with and just living my life created the necessary space for me to note my tracks and practice GNM.

At the same time, I would often need to “reboot” my knowledge so that I was not literally “scared to death” when I attended medical visits or evaluations and to keep myself from falling back into traditional thinking about melanoma.

Dr. Smookler has miraculously moved me from a mindset of “cancer will kill me” to “I’m well”. I’m beyond grateful and will continue this more than supportive guidance as long as I need a boost to maintain my health and stability.

Sue Hayes. Bend, Oregon (June 2018)


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