Anger, Rage and Furious George.


Anger, Rage and Furious George


Curious George investigates his world because everything fascinates him; familiar things, unfamiliar things, things he doesn’t quite understand – everything. What keeps us wanting to come back to George is the fact that we know his curiosity will propel him into (mis)-adventures. But George isn’t undone by his mischief. He usually manages to pull himself out of it and sometimes even saves the day. (

Okay, that’s the beloved George of the Curious ilk that we all grew up with. Yet, we’ve all met a George of the more Furious ilk – one minute a great guy, the next, something comes over him and he’s flying into a rage.

Domestic abuse comes to mind as does road rage, angry outbursts, screaming and yelling, impulsive corporal punishment, assaults and violent crime.

What is it that “trips” someone into that aggressive state?

By aggression, I am referring to anger that we cannot control and often feel remorse for.

In the case of Furious, uh, er Curious George he is experiencing a biological conflict of identity (the rectal relay on the left hemisphere) coupled with a second biological conflict of an anger (the stomach relay on the right hemisphere.)

When George experiences an everyday trigger that accentuates his identity conflict he’ll can often go into a rage. Like the time his girlfriend questioned his sexuality (they don’t call him curious for nothing!)

In German New Medicine, aggressive disorders such as anger and rage involve multiple biological conflict-shocks in opposing halves of the brain, referred to as constellations. In other words, one active conflict on each hemisphere in direct opposition. Think a constellation of stars in the night sky. These constellations will always create unique psychoses depending upon their sequence and combinations.

The biological conflicts involved will always affect the territorial brain relays in the cerebral cortex. The left cerebral cortex is the female territorial realm while the right cerebral cortex is the male territorial realm.

If you play close attention, all of George’s cortical conflicts are revealed in this short film.


Dr. Hamer has unraveled the brain and has shown us that the masculine or right hemisphere is responsible for depression when part of a larger constellation. By depression, I am referring to a range of moods from simply feeling unmotivated, introspective and couch potato blue to a deep, debilitating and unshakable funk. The feminine or left hemisphere – mania when part of a larger constellation. By mania we are referring to a similar range of moods from feeling motivated and energized to the classical manic expression.

When in constellation, if the greater mass or weight of conflict activity is on the right hemisphere we will be what is referred to as aggressive-depressive; in other words the anger is directed towards self. When of the left, aggressive-manic where the anger is directed outward as rage, violence towards others.

Determining proper laterality and hormonal status is vital to understand the origin of the anger. The intensity of the rage is determined by the magnitude of the conflicts.

An oft asked question, one that seemingly has not been adequately answered by traditional psychiatry is why anger and aggression tends to come in spurts? Why we seemingly for no apparent reason go into it and come out of it. The answer may be found in the ‘rule of weight’ which Dr. Hamer discovered during his work with psychoses.

Obviously, for most of us, as our life events are unfolding we unconsciously go on ‘tracks’ affecting the ‘weight’ on either hemisphere – reflecting in the outbursts of aggression and violence.

I always try to look at the most recent conflict that came into play with the aggression program that is running. It is simply a matter of unraveling the conflict sequence. The beauty of having a session with a client experiencing this unique constellation is that we only need resolve or downgrade one side of the constellation for results. The constellations are usually firmly in place by our late teens. After that it’s all about tracks – which have been extensively discussed is other blogs.

This constellation is not to be taken lightly when it is coupled with what is known as a post-mortal or suicide constellation. It requires a great deal of experience to safely unravel the conflicts. A non-medical interpretation of the clients brain scan is advised in situations such as this.

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Anger, Rage and Furious George.
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One thought on “Anger, Rage and Furious George.

  • September 24, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    Having had life-long suicidal depression, the depth of my gratitude for my sessions with Neal, is beyond measure especially with depression.

    I had hit bottom. I was depressed for six solid weeks. It was by far the worst and scariest depression including feeling like my body and brain were on fire. I was freaking out.

    FINALLY I picked the phone and called Neal and when he explained this to me, I was instantly NORMAL. My body felt normal and the depression vanished within about 20 to 30 minutes.

    So now I’ve been using that information on myself when I feel it coming and can get rid of it instantly all on my own. There’s no pill in the world that can instantly take you out of depression. GNM is my miracle and the greatest gift to the world.


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