Introducing GNM&M’s


Introducing GNM&M's - German New Medicine



Just a quick, fun satirical blog of images today.

Cancer, health issues, healing struggles.

These are all serious topics.

I’ll occasionally lighten the mood a bit with a little GNM humor.

Introducing GNM&M’s.

The Official Candy of The German New Medicine Discussion Group.

“GNM Prescriptions:’

Yellow for endodermal conflicts.

Orange for mesodermal conflicts.

Red for ectodermal conflicts.

Take two before bedtime and call us in the morning!

For Halloween 2019 – this is what we’ll be handing out to all those conflict laden Trick-or-Treater’s.


Can you identify the GNM&M’s in this picture? (Hint – they’re all left of center.)

Introducing GNM&M's - German New Medicine









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Introducing GNM&M’s
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