In the 1978 film, Midnight Express, there is a scene involving Paolo Bonacelli (Rifki) where the character’s eyes are seen up close. I was seventeen at the time and had never scene a cataract that close and personal.

With a lack of understanding – I simply assumed the condition was hereditary or perhaps trauma induced.

Our understanding of the process since that time has blossomed. Ironically, it was that same year, 1978, that initiated a series of life events for German New Medicine’s founder, Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer that ultimately led to the discovery of GNM.

Through Dr. Hamer’s brilliant research we now understand that cataracts are the healing phase expression of a severe visual separation from a loved one, no longer having someone in sight. A pet, even that has been “lost from sight.”

Whether the right or left lens is involved will relate to the relationship at play (mother, child or partner.) This is termed laterality in German New Medicine.

During conflict activity, microscopic ulcerations appear in the lens. There will be no symptoms during this phase. Upon resolution of the conflict is when a build up of, among other things, protein occurs – causing the familiar opaqueness in the once clear lens. Blurring, opacities, double vision may all occur – even total blindness.

How could such a devastating disease have a meaningful purpose? That can only be understood in the context of biology and evolution. The biological purpose of the microscopic ulcerations that occur during conflict activity is to sharpen, to heighten our vision in order to assist us so we don’t “lose sight” of our loved one.

If the visual separation conflict is identified and resolved early on in the process, the outcome is quite optimistic.

Unfortunately, without a knowledge GNM – the majority of individuals will experience decades of relapse into conflict activity. Ironically, the very failing vision can serve as a reminder to the original visual separation thereby reinforcing it.

Depending upon the degree of damage, in addition to resolution of the biological conflict, most individuals will avail themselves to any and all natural modalities (n-alpha-acetyl-carnosine has showed promise) at their disposal including surgery.

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