Cellulite. Cellulitis. Cellularum.


Cellulite. Cellulitis. Cellularum.


For those that never suffered the four years of high school Latin (sorry, Mrs. Faherty) the above title will seem non-sensical. It references the declensions that we were forced to memorize and recite “ad nauseum” – hey, there’s some Latin right there!

Cellulite and cellulitis, although different in their presentation both reflect a healing phase of a light self devaluation conflict relative to adipose (fat) tissue.

Creative minds have come up with treatments ranging from the logical (exercise and skin fillers) to the clearly bizarre (caffeine tights and body vacuuming.)

The biological conflict is one of a self devaluation and self consciousness, e.g. “my thighs are fat and unattractive,” “I can’t fit into skinny jeans,” “my bottom is too pear shaped,” “I don’t look like the television models.”

It’s all about a loss of self worth, deformity, shame, embarrassment and even disfigurement.

During conflict activity the fatty tissue will experience cell loss, i.e. the loss of adipose tissue. This “depletion” process will go on for as long as we remain conflict active.

When we come to terms with or accept the self devaluation, the tiny pockets will be replenished with new fatty tissue that begins to herniate through the fibrous connective tissue. This is the reason that, for so many women, cellulite tends to show up in adulthood as they have greater acceptance of their bodies by that stage in life.

The biological purpose is revealed here, in the healing phase, as the additional adipose tissue enables the area in question to be reinforced in preparation for any future similar conflict.

Relapses (chronicity) leads to what is known as cellulite with the characteristic dimpling or orange peel appearance.

With unflattering names like bumpy blubber and cottage cheese cheeks (say that three time fast!) – societal’s influence all but contributes to our feelings of unattractiveness serving to constantly cause relapse.

Self devaluation conflicts in German New Medicine also center around the concept of being unable – unable to do something, unable to perform, unable to keep up, unable to succeed and are often seen with cellulitis. With cellulitis only, infection is common.Cellulite. Cellulitis. Cellularum. 1

Where the cellulite or cellulitis appears is related to one’s laterality or handedness as well as where the perceived breech of self esteem occurred.

When working with clients I always attempt to put myself in their shoes (or skinny jeans in this case!) How would I feel at that moment? How would I react? Since we are all wired the same – this is very helpful. Ultimately, it’s about identifying the moment in time that we experienced the self devaluation and elevating it to the conscious level. Understanding the connection between “I can’t fit into my skinny jeans,” and the associated body adaptation response (cellulite.) Once this is accomplished, the psyche releases the conflict and the biological program (cellulite) runs its course.

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Cellulite. Cellulitis. Cellularum.

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