The Morphic Kiosk II (The Morphic Renaissance.)


The Morphic Kiosk II (The Morphic Renaissance) - German New Medicine


This is about the eternal expansion of human consciousness.

In The Morphic Kiosk we discussed the compelling grip that the present medical, scientific and pharmaceutical paradigm holds. The morphic resonance field of subconscious influence that makes surviving an illness so challenging, and how, success, especially in life-threatening situations often comes down to the dismantling of this medical morphic field. In other words, waking up from our trance-like slumber.

In The Morphic Kiosk II (The Morphic Renaissance) we’ll take a look at how this all came to be and how we might find new possibilities.

For those close to me, know that I adore Abraham (Esther Hicks.) Abraham often talks about the leading edge – but what exactly is the leading edge?

I’ll defer to Abraham … “As Non-Physical Source Energy expressing through your physical experience, your physical experience is truly the Leading Edge of thought. As you are fine-tuning your creative experience, you are taking thought and its expression beyond that which it has ever been before.”

“So from the variety or contrast, your own desires are born. In the moment that your preference is known, it begins to draw unto itself the essence of that which matches it and it then begins an immediate expansion.”

“This is creation. But, along with this newly achieved manifestation comes an evolved perspective. And so, the vibrational characteristics of you have shifted somewhat, and you have moved into a new set of contrasting circumstances that will again inspire new preferences within you – and now, new rockets of desire emanate from you. The process repeats, eternally. This is how human consciousness evolves.

This is how the Universe expands and why we are on the leading edge of the expansion.”

Looking back through a very small slice of recent expansion (history) we can see this. The ancient world (1000 A. D – 1500 A.D) was fundamentally spirit based. A shift to materialism (1500 A.D.) occurred with the coming of such men as Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei. With Einstein’s theories birthing quantum physics – our evolution inched forward. This is an eternal process.

The expansion cannot be pinched off.

The old, the stagnant, the inflexible will fall away as it can’t keep up (is no longer in vibrational match) for the changing consciousness of the present moment.

The power and corruption of the Church that ultimately led to the Reformation (1600 A.D.) is an apt corollary for the powerful commercial interests that are now in place to perpetuate the present medical, scientific and pharmaceutical paradigm which represents the present, yet only momentary leading edge.

How did we arrive at the present (institutionalized) paradigm?

My only guess is that it had to do with money, with power and with control. Sound familiar?

Powerful commercial interests can best garner profit through fear.

Powerful commercial interests can best stay in power through fear.

Powerful commercial interests can best control the masses through fear.

These interest groups have made great progress over the last one hundred years toward this end by employing the establishment media.

How did the inversions and distortions of the present paradigm arise?

How did disease shift from a biologically adaptive and supportive process to a malevolent one with an intent to destroy?

Benign versus malignant (A Rose By Any Other Name.)

Conventional medicine distinguishes between benign and malignant cells.

In German New Medicine these terms become less significant as these parameters are simply an arbitrary concept and scale that has become ingrained over time.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered that during a conflict active phase, there are times when an increase (surplus) of tissue is required.

We see this, for example with a pancreatic program (pancreatic adenocarcinoma), breast program (glandular adenocarcinoma), lung program (pulmonary adenocarcinoma.)

At what point in our expansion did a tissue surplus get labeled as “destructive” and “malignant?”

Let’s look at a narrative – if an individual was to cut themselves, the blood will of course clot and an increase (surplus) of tissue is then required to form a scab.

If a hypothetical biopsy were performed on the scab, even though the cells might appear quite differentiated – if the rate of cell division exceeded a certain arbitrary limit, the scab could be theoretically considered “malignant!”

The concept of benign versus malignant is an assigned construct of the medical paradigm.

Yet is the surplus of pancreatic, breast or lung tissue any more “malignant” than the surplus of tissue that forms a scab?

The answer is no!

This is the leading edge of thought.

.29 sec. – .38 sec.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” … is a popular reference to William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet seems to argue that it does not matter that Romeo is from her family’s rival house of Montague.” The reference is often used to imply that the names of things do not affect what they really are.

Timing is everything. Let’s look at a lymphoma program for greater understanding. During the conflict active phase of a non-hodgkin’s lymphoma program – tiny, microscopic ulcerations occur within the squamous tissue of the pharyngeal duct. It is only upon resolution of the conflict that these ulcerations or cell loss will be replenished with new rapidly dividing cells (cancer) along with swelling.

Early on in the healing phase, Mother Nature is swiftly and yes, aggressively replenishing the cell loss (repair the damage if you will) that occurred during conflict activity. Due to the urgency with which this is occurring the cells do not have time to fully form and are therefore ‘interpreted’ upon biopsy as immature, undifferentiated and cancerous.

The grading of the lymphoma’s ‘aggressiveness’ – would be dependent upon the timing of the biopsy. If the biopsy was performed early on when the cells were rapidly mitosing (dividing) they would appear poorly differentiated and a grim prognosis would result.

If the biopsy was done a bit later as the replenishing cells slowed down a bit, the diagnosis would be the same – albeit a less aggressive form.

If the biopsy was performed after all cell division (filling in) was complete, a benign cyst would be now diagnosed!

This is in complete opposition to the present paradigm as we are told to “watch” a cyst as it might become malignant.

The status-quo has been held in place through this (mis)interpretation of Mother Nature’s intent of what is in essence, a surplus of specialized tissue in a very dynamic moment of repair. Lacking an understanding of the Second Biological Law of German New Medicine – we are taken down a different wormhole.

Conventional medicine observes the most minute physical, biochemical, behavioral, hormonal as well as adaptive dynamics of cancer cells.

It is believed that these cellular dynamics relate to evolutionary adaptive mechanisms that are needed by cells during either conflict activity, conflict resolution (PCL-A and B) of any given biological conflict.

The innumerable changes observed with cancer cells, have been mislabeled as something they are not – simply because the undergirding evolutionary reasons for what is observed is not yet understood.

This new understanding is where expansion occurs.

Location, location, location. Is a Stage IV diagnosis truly more grim than a Stage I?

The answer is no!

More challenging perhaps, but not more grim.

Cancer staging, metastasis and how a single life event can impact us with a symphony of biological conflicts.

In 2004, my parents were going through a less than amicable divorce. In my mom’s scenario a single life event was perceived by her psyche as a territorial aggression, translated into a bronchial program (carcinoma), while heading into a dangerous situation translated into a branchial arch program (mistakenly identified as lymph nodes.) Finally, another concurrent biological conflict involved a territorial anger over who will remain in the house which initiated the bile duct program.

In December 2008, my mother came to terms with all three biological conflicts – went into resolution in “symphony” and she was diagnosed with lung cancer that had metastasized to the lymph nodes with bile duct involvement.

This was mislabeled as Stage 3B Adenocarcinoma.

Dr. Hamer does not dispute the existence of secondary and tertiary cancers – but the notion of metastasis from a primary site becomes a questionable fairytale in light of the second and third biological law of German New Medicine.

Staging of cancers and most importantly their assigned prognoses become folklore with this understanding. More accurate is that metastases are the result of concurrent conflict-shocks, related to one life event, resolving in symphony.

Cancer staging is simply a (mis)representation of the unfoldment of an individuals unique conflict experience. It is not indicative of the cancers aggressiveness!

Looking at melanoma, the observation has traditionally been that these are very fast and aggressive cancers. Well, of course they are! These specific biological programs are about survival which nature sees as a high priority so the body will augment the dermal cells very, very quickly – leaving little time to form mature, fully differentiated cells (interpreted as an aggressive cancer.)

As something deviates from the norm (although it is perfectly normal) – it is oft viewed as negatively aberrant. Yet in nature, no such thing exists.

At some point these labels, constructs and (mis)interpretations took hold and eventually became dogma.

Nature has purpose, intent and wisdom. Mother Nature will always protect it’s creation.

Why are some cancers observed as more likely to “metastasize?”

Much has to do with the mis(interpreted) nature of the type of cancer discovered. Malignant melanoma, pancreatic adenocarcinoma, ovarian cancer all instill nothing less than terror in our hearts and therefore a greater probability of sequential biological shocks and future “metastases.”

If one is told – “it’s a basal cell skin cancer” and “we got it all” – one is less likely to experience those additional biological shocks.

The Immune System Construct. When understanding the construct of an immune system we must begin with Dr. Hamer’s discovery of the Second and Fourth Biological Law of German New Medicine.

This will be discussed in great detail in the upcoming blog “Cognitive Dissonance.”

The standard interpretation espouses a link between the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells and a compromised immune response.

We’ve been told if we are getting recurrent colds are immune system must be weak. The common cold is the very expression of a resolved “stink” conflict. At the moment the conflict occurs the lining of the nasal mucosa will begin to ulcerate. This is a process usually goes unnoticed. It is only upon resolution of the conflict that the ulceration in the mucous membranes gets replenished and refilled with a hand from viruses (if they exist) – causing nasal congestion, a runny nose and sneezing. Mother Nature “pulls back” to allow the viral particulates to come into expression in the resolution phase of the above conflict assisting with the replenishment of the mucous membrane.

Does this appear to be an “immune” system not working at full strength or is it a “support” system working perfectly?

We’ve been told that rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an auto immune disease where the body is attacking itself. From a German New Medicine perspective, rheumatoid arthritis is a healing phase self-devaluation affecting the joints (arthritis) coupled with an active separation affecting the periosteum (rheumatoid.)

Is this a scenario where the immune system has failed and the body malfunctioned or is it simply an expression of conflict activity and conflict resolution? Remembering there is evolutionary meaning behind the conflict’s expression. For example, the cell replenishment (tissue surplus) occurring during the healing phase of all arthritic programs is designed to strengthen the area in question so it is not as susceptible to future conflict.

Does this appear to be an “immune” system failure?

The answer is no!

It is rather an “intelligent” system working perfectly.

As a broad brushstroke – the immune system is essentially a weaving in and out of conflict activity and conflict resolution. The concept of the immune system weakening or failing is fallacy. There are times when nature asserts and times when she pulls back. This expression is a fluid mosaic that is stunning in it’s perfection.

We can just as easily substitute the word cancer for colds, rheumatoid arthritis. The concept remains the same.

I’ve only gently touched on the immune aspect of disease as it is more than enough discussion for “Cognitive Dissonance: The Immune System Construct” in which the folklore of carcinogens will be introduced.

So how do we explain why people die from a harmless surplus of tissue?

There are rare times when simply the surplus of tissue alone can be problematic. If the intensity and duration of the conflict active phase was great, the ‘conflict’ mass and subsequent healing phase will likewise, be. Complications will be difficult.

Yet, in the absence of a physical obstruction or large ‘conflict’ mass compromising the architecture and or function of a vital organ – this will not be the case.

The gravity of the diagnosis along with the treatment protocol reflect in those prognostic and ultimately self-fulfilling prophecies. But this would be quite rare with a strong foundation in German New Medicine.

Yet, if we are not dealing with an obstruction or a vital organ that is heavily compromised with ‘conflict’ mass and if the GNM work is done – i.e. identify the biological conflict, make sure it is resolved and truly ‘put it to bed’, identify triggers that can create relapse, restrain new biological conflicts from initiating, keep fear, panic and terror (the kidney collecting tubules) in check, navigate through any given healing phase with the help of your physician, modalities, remedies et al … the majority of these biological programs need not reach the statistical extremes we observe under a more traditional watch.

It matters not whether we are dealing with a breast, lung, bone or skin program. They are simply not life threatening if the above is embraced and accomplished. With rare exception, no one should ever die from prostate cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer et al – as we are not dealing with a vital organ.

How is it that a surplus of prostatic tissue, glandular breast tissue or dermal tissue will ‘take us out?’ Remember the misinterpretation surrounding the concept of benign, malignant, grim and aggressive we discussed above?

Let me share with you a most recent experience which I hope will clarify. I had been working for over four years with a client diagnosed with prostate cancer that had “spread” to the lymph nodes and bones. For nearly four years this individual was doing great. Each and everyone of these issues was in a resolution or healing phase. These biological programs caused no compromise to his daily life.

He was working diligently with me on his conflicts, tracks and everything it is that we normally do in session.

Last winter his daughter pleaded with him to begin radiation and chemotherapy. She felt it was a race against time and that the longer he went without, the less the chance of survival would be.

Keep in mind for four plus years there was no progression of his biological programs (cancers.)

In deference to his “little girls wishes” (but against his better judgement) he obliged.

The radiation and chemotherapy weakened him immeasurably. He developed ascites (fluid build-up) as he perceived the radiation as a biological conflict of attack against his abdomen. The hospitalization, the interaction with his oncologists, nurses as well as well-intentioned family and friends initiated a secondary biological conflict of starvation (related to his daughter) within his liver as well as a profound self-devaluation. His oncologist had now informed him, that the cancer has spread to the abdomen (an attack), the liver (a starvation) and the pelvis (a self-devaluation) – and that a more intensive and modified chemotherapeutic regimen was recommended. A slippery slope was now in play. The entire ordeal put him into a profound survival mode, the kidney collecting tubules activated (which were exacerbated by the chemotherapy) and he began retaining more and more fluid causing a series of life threatening complications.

All for a surplus of specialized prostate, lymph and bone tissue (a scab really) undergoing physical, biochemical, behavioral, hormonal as well as adaptive cellular dynamics related to an evolutionary mechanism that is experienced by cells during either conflict activity, conflict resolution (PCL-A and B) of a given biological program. None of which were causing complications prior. Surplus tissue is rarely responsible for cancer deaths.

Dr. Hamer’s greatest contribution, his kryptonite to the morphic grip, his release into the leading edge…was the discovery of The Fifth Biological Law. The Quintessence – the meaningful purpose behind all, yes all disease.

He has enabled humanity to make sense of illness, perhaps for the very first time and authenticate that disease is not a mistake of nature but rather an intrinsic part of it.

He has allowed us to reframe our thinking to see disease for what it is, an essential biologically adaptive program, not to be feared and dreaded but rather, understood and navigated in a new light.

Each and every disease holds a purposeful biological meaning. This is revelatory. Once we grasp this – the mystery, enigma and darkness softens. This is Mother Nature, in her utter brilliance – protecting her creation.

There will come a time when human consciousness will evolve to this very awareness. That will not, of course happen until the present commercial interests in place are dismantled – not through politics, not through lobbying – but rather through the eternal expansion of who we are.

This is the leading edge of thought, of expansion, of evolution to which Abraham refers.

This blog is an educational only blog. The information and services contained herein should not be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for disease.Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult with their physician in order to determine the proper, correct and accepted treatment protocol before using anything that is disclosed on this page. Please visit our Legal page for more information.

The Morphic Kiosk II

4 thoughts on “The Morphic Kiosk II

  • March 19, 2018 at 6:27 pm

    Your ability to break down this info into a clear and workable way IS my medicine. You have helped me (and my clients) to contain what is commonly known as health anxiety. Thank you Neal.
    You’re the creme of the crop.

  • May 9, 2018 at 6:54 am

    Hi Neal, I’m curious about your perspective on why we are now, in an age of “more ease and less conflicts” on a conventional level, we are experiencing more “cancer”? are we experiencing threat differently than we used to?
    Thanks !

    • May 10, 2018 at 10:49 am

      Hi Ananda,

      I am not sure I agree with “an age of “more ease and less conflicts.”

      Looking at acid reflux (GERD) e.g.

      A little known observation in German New Medicine is that disease will only express itself on the organ level with the second identical conflict shock. In other words, one had to have had an earlier conflict of a territorial anger that precedes the second, in order for the second to express itself on the cellular level.

      Nature is generous in that she allows us the first shock with no expression on the cellular level. It is only when we experience a second one that is similar that it will express itself as a disease process.

      Children today are privy to more and more shocks through the media and what they are exposed to.

      They will often experience their first conflict earlier in life and then when the second one is experienced – it will express as disease.

      Speaking in generalities, in the earlier part of the last century, the shocks were not as pervasive and the first one may not have been experienced until later in childhood before the second one even could have expressed on the organ level.

      Relative to anger, think of how many kids today are in day care (and away from their family) vs. the 1940’s?

      Think of how many children experience divorce today vs. the 1940’s?

      Do you remember as a child, that little red wagon that you HAD to have and when that wagon could not be obtained – how angry you were? Consider the sheer volume of “stuff” (toys, gadgets, electronics) that are dangled like a carrot on television and the web today (Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, Pinterest pins) – that mom and dad can’t afford or probably more accurate, can’t justify the purchase of, yet little Jimmy or Suzie MUST have.

      This does not even take into account greater diagnostics and the reclassification, renaming of so many diseases.


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