Cancer Metastasis. A Symphony in High Resolution.


Cancer Metastasis. A Symphony in High Resolution.


How does German New Medicine explain the presence of multiple cancers upon diagnosis?

The standard medicine tells us that a primary cancer has spread to a secondary and tertiary organ. This is commonly known as the theory of metastasis. Yet, even the standard medicine admits the mechanisms are not completely understood. A simple question is posed. If a different brain location (relay) and a different embryonic germ layer is responsible for the secondary cancer, how can this possibly be attributed to metastasis?

Primary germ layers cannot transform themselves after conception. In other words, apples cannot become oranges and oranges cannot become limes. Metastasis in the conventional sense cannot exist in light of The Five Biological Laws.

A single life event can impact the psyche in symphony. One traumatic event may have multiple facets.

In my mom’s scenario a single life event was perceived by her psyche as a territorial aggression, translated into a bronchial program (carcinoma), while heading into a dangerous situation translated into a branchial arch program (mistakenly identified as lymph nodes.) In this scenario there was also a territorial anger over property (bile ducts.)

In 2004, my parents were going through a less than amicable divorce. It had gotten to the point where one of them was going to have to move out of the house – yet neither of them would budge. This territorial stalemate went on for number of months.

My mothers attorney suggested that, through a court order, my father be physically removed from the house via the sheriff. The day the sheriff was to come to come, unannounced, to remove my father from his home – my mother called me in the morning telling me she could not sleep the night before and that she could not go through with it. She could not have my father forcibly removed from the house.

This territorial aggression was her dhs (conflict shock) – feeling aggressed towards or unsafe within her home, within her territory.

Ironically, it would have been impossible for my mom to have experienced a masculine territorial conflict even a few years earlier. One way a woman can experience a masculine conflict is if they are biologically no longer female, meaning postmenopausal, which my mom was.

That territorial stand-off was responsible for the bronchial program.

At the same, time the thought for my mother of having to leave the house, where would she go, how would she survive – was a concurrent biological conflict shock of heading into a dangerous situation. This was responsible for the branchial arch program (mistaken as true lymph tissue.)

Finally, another concurrent biological conflict involved a territorial anger over who will remain in the house which initiated the bile duct program.

In December 2008, my mother came to terms with all of this and all three biological program, active for five years went into resolution in “symphony” and she was diagnosed with lung cancer that had metastasized to the lymph nodes with bile duct involvement.

Dr. Hamer does not dispute the existence of secondary and tertiary cancers – but the notion of metastasis from a primary site becomes a questionable fairytale in light of the second and third biological law of GNM.

More accurate is that metastases are the result of concurrent conflict-shocks, related to one life event, resolving in symphony.

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Cancer Metastasis. A Symphony in High Resolution.
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