Athlete’s foot

Athlete's foot

Mushrooms. The flower’s ugly cousin.

I was speaking with a friend’s son last summer at my pool. When I asked him why he wasn’t swimming he explained he was afraid his infection would be contagious to the other swimmers.

I assured him that there was more than sufficient chlorine in the pool and regardless, that was not how infections arise.

When I asked him what happened – he took off his sandal and sock and revealed a flaming case of Athlete’s foot.

He told me that he caught a fungal infection while at the beach the previous month. When I looked at him rather inquisitively, I said you caught it at the beach? Well, not at the beach he blurted. He explained to me that he ran into a restroom near the beach, forgetting to bring his flip-flops with him. He told me how the restroom was a mess and he was literally having to stand in urine because, as he said – when you gotta go, you gotta go.

When I explained to him the German New Medicines understanding – he was still adamant that he had caught something disgusting by standing barefoot in other’s pee on the bathroom floor.

Oh, well – I tried! He wasn’t buying it.

It was about a week later that he entered the healing phase.

The biological conflict-shock associated with Athlete’s foot is a filth, disgust, dirtiness conflict. It can be literal – feeling soiled by something dirty, disgusting or revulsive as in forgetting your flip-flops and stepping a disgusting public bathroom or shower.

It’s most often the former, but can be figurative – a situation we have been placed in or stepped into that is quite unpleasant and disgusting. All reflecting the deeper dermis or corium skin.

During conflict activity there will be cell proliferation at the perceived site of the soiling. Upon conflict resolution a skin or nail fungus will develop in the exact area that the psyche perceived to be affected along with an unpleasant cheesy odor caused by breakdown of the excess cells by the fungi. This is indicative of the healing phase which is old brain directed.

Until and unless the individual becomes aware of the conflict connection they oft enter a vicious cycle as the healing phase fungal infection can look quite unpleasant – further reinforcing the very soiled nature of the biological conflict. If the nail bed becomes disfigured, it contributes to a similar vicious cycle.We see this all the time. All of this information needs to be brought up from the subconscious to the conscious and addressed.

Similar conflict scenario’s include wearing sneakers and hiking boots sans socks, public showers and stepping in sh*t. We see a similar healing phase “infection” with jock itch, ringworm and similar fungal skin diseases.

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Athlete’s foot

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