Lung Cancer Programs.

Adeno Carcinoma. Bronchial Carcinoma. Pleural Carcinoma.


Lung Cancer Programs


Smoking does not cause lung cancer. There, I said it.

I understand that is quite a controversial statement.

Is smoking good for you, no. Is it advisable, no. Is it a dirty habit, yes. Can it potentially weaken the lung tissue, predisposing an individual to the effects of a biological conflict shock, perhaps.

Yet, in the absence of the catalyzing shock experience, a lung biological program cannot initiate. This is the iron rule of cancer (The First Biological Law) of German New Medicine. Please read on.

Dr. Hamer has identified three main types of special lung programs or cancers – both with different responsible biological conflicts, brain relays.

Lets begin with the first type of lung cancer program, alveolar lung cancer.

Adenocarcinoma of the lung gives us a breathtaking round-earth perspective of the meaningful interplay of consciousness, brain and organ. We find the biological conflict centers around a death fright or a mortality fright, e.g. a cancer diagnosis that is perceived as a death sentence, i.e. one has been told they have six months to live.

From a biological perspective, a death fright is equated with being unable to breathe, GASP. Anyone who has ever received such news will recognize the GASP reflex. As the consciousness interprets the biological theme of the event, simultaneously the shock impacts a very specific relay switch within the brain, in this case, the brainstem.

The moment the brain receives that impact, the information is immediately communicated to the corresponding target organ, in this example – the lung, which is placed on emergency stand-by; a total preoccupation with the shock is reflected with the cold hands, insomnia and loss of appetite of the stress response – all mirroring the individuals attempt at resolving the news.

Automatically, the alveolar cells of the lung (air sacs) which regulate breathing, begin to proliferate forming what medicine calls a tumor.

Yet, upon a slight movement of the kaleidoscope, an intelligent survival program emerges – the significance of the additional cells (tumor) serves to increase the available alveolar surface area, lung capacity in order to extract more oxygen to assist the individual through the death fright conflict-shock, thereby optimizing the individuals chance of survival. You see, nature is not in fact flawed, fallible and diseased.

Contrary to the accepted perspective, this multiplication of lung cells is not a pointless process but rather serves a very definite biological purpose. The tumor growth will be in direct correlation to the intensity and duration of the shock. The cellular mitosis will continue until the conflict-shock is resolved, at that moment the consciousness releases the special program, as it is no longer needed – and the cells, as if on cue, stop replicating.

But we’re not done – now the repair crews come in for clean-up detail. The overgrowth of cells will be decomposed via TB mycobacteria and eliminated. If the microbes are absent, the nodules will be encased off as a harmless remnant of the biological program that has run its course.

Healing alveolar nodules used to be commonly diagnosed as lung TB. Today, they are more often diagnosed as lung cancer. If observed after the program has completed the individual would present with TB lung caverns.

The second type of lung cancer program is a bronchial carcinoma.

When we experience a territorial fear (males and or post menopausal females) or a nest fear (females) or aggression therein (it’s really about feeling safe) the bronchial lining will undergo an ulceration process where there is microscopic necrosis or cell loss.

This is a normal evolutionary response when experiencing higher brain conflicts – as the “relay switch” is located in the sensory cortex. The purpose of the ulceration process is too widen the bronchi in order to facilitate greater oxygen intake to assist the individual through the territorial fear.

It is only upon entering the healing phase (conflict resolved!) that we will express swelling within the bronchi and be diagnosed with a bronchial carcinoma – which is a healing phase or curative “tumor.”

It should also be noted that a bronchial carcinoma is not an actual tumor, but rather a very deep expression of the above swelling and occlusion.

When a motor component (e.g. feeling stuck relative to the territorial fear) is involved there will be coughing as well, in order to help expel the mucous. This is directed from the motor, not sensory cortex.

In 2004, my parents were going through a less than amicable divorce. It had gotten to the point where one of them was going to have to move out of the house – yet neither of them would budge. This territorial stalemate went on for number of months.

My mothers attorney suggested that, through a court order, my father be physically removed from the house via the sheriff. The day the sheriff was to come to come, unannounced, to remove my father from his home – my mother called me in the morning telling me she could not sleep the night before and that she could not go through with it. She could not have my father forcibly removed from the house.

This territorial aggression was her dhs (conflict shock) – feeling aggressed towards or unsafe within her home, within her territory.

Ironically, it would have been impossible for my mom to have experienced a masculine territorial conflict even a few years earlier. One way a woman can experience a masculine conflict is if they are biologically no longer female, meaning postmenopausal, which my mom was.

That territorial stand-off was responsible for the bronchial program.

The third type of lung cancer program is a pleural carcinoma.

This is an emergency adaptation in response to a literal or figurative attack against the chest or thoracic cavity. During conflict activity we see cell augmentation as the body attempts to build up the pleura by developing a mass (a mesothelioma) which is designed to protect against further attack.

In 1999, The Beatle’s George Harrison had his home broken into in the middle of the night (a territorial aggression, fear.) He was stabbed in the chest and experienced a collapsed lung (an attack on the thorax.)  “There were times during the violent struggle that I truly believed I was dying,” (a death fright, fear of mortality) Harrison said in a statement read out to a packed Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

George Harrison died of “lung” cancer which was attributed smoking.

Smoking can also be sensed by the psyche as an attack on the lungs (the smoke and carcinogens are bad for me.) as well as a death fright (the smoke and carcinogens will kill me.)

In both adeno, bronchial and pleural carcinomas a secondary conflict centered on “not being able to take in enough air” may initiate. This involves the goblet cells which naturally secrete mucous. The biological purpose is to better lubricate the airways to allow air to glide effortlessly in.

This blog is an educational only blog. The information and services contained herein should not be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for disease.Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult with their physician in order to determine the proper, correct and accepted treatment protocol before using anything that is disclosed on this page. The above referenced material reflects Dr. Neal Smookler’s individually held sincere belief regarding German New Medicine. Members, of course may believe about GNM as they wish; they need not believe as Neal does to receive wonderful benefits. Please visit our Legal page for more information.

Lung Cancer Programs

4 thoughts on “Lung Cancer Programs

  • January 19, 2016 at 9:21 am

    A lot of theory (maybe even good), but always someone dies from this “wrong” diagnossis…it would be great to add in your newsletter, how a conflict or simptome can be resolved and therefore heal…what is to do, to prevent death (e.g. In case of “lung cancer”)

    • January 19, 2016 at 3:01 pm

      Thank you for the input Matej. That information is all throughout the website.I will try and incorporate your suggestion in future posts.

      • January 19, 2016 at 4:36 pm

        Thank you for your reply.
        Please do that…I always read your posts with interest, but have a bad feeling that I know what is the cause of the problem, but not what is the solution.
        I know it would be best to awoid the situation that is causing the symptom, but I do hope that there is also a solution that we could use afterwards (e.g. For lung cancer it is hard to say, do not fear death…but once you have the “lung cancer” it would be great to know how to get well, what to do etc.). Sorry to wrote so much. Otherwise great posts, lots of knowledge and very helpful. I am not there yet to completely understand the GNM but am trying, since the theory behind it is much more nice than all the official medical stuff.

        • January 23, 2016 at 2:00 pm

          Hello Matej,
          I hope this helps a bit. This is a very general and broad explanation as to how the conflict is addressed. Dr. Hamer discovered that all disease, including cancers, have an ‘On’ switch, a meaningful (yes, you read that correctly) purpose and an ‘Off’ switch. The ‘On’ switch is an emotional trauma or shock (the DHS.) The ‘On’ switch runs in the subconscious mind and will activated upon experiencing the emotional trauma. For Dr. Hamer the ‘On’ switch, was the untimely death of his son, Dirk. He later discovered that his testicular cancer was initiated by the traumatic shock of that very profound loss. All testicular tumor are testosterone producing – making a man more virile. This is nature’s way of assisting someone who has just lost a child to increase his fertility levels to hopefully produce another offspring in order to resolve the conflict of losing that child. All biological programs have a meaningful purpose. Once that purpose has been fulfilled, the biological program will switch off. This explains the spontaneous remissions of cancers that traditional medicine does not understand. The ‘Off” switch is flipped by resolving the emotional trauma. When discussing an ‘Off’ switch to disease (or biological programs as Dr Hamer prefers to call them) – there are actually two ways to switch off the program. The first way is to practically resolve the conflict that triggered said program to start running. For Dr Hamer that would have involved having another child. Practical resolutions to conflicts are not always possible. Dr. Hamer was in his late forties when Dirk passed, so having a baby would not be practical at his life stage. Nature unfortunately does not factor in these practicalities. What Dr Hamer discovered was that whilst the biological program runs in the subconscious mind, when you consciously connect the symptoms of the disease with the emotional trauma that triggered the disease process to start, it also flips the ‘Off’ switch. So by understanding the exact moment in time when you experienced the shock and consciously making all the connections – one can switch off the very disease program. The disadvantage with this ‘Off’ switch, is if there are reminders of the original emotional trauma which can switch the program back on again. The challenge with any German New Medicine session is to properly address these reminders that can delay a complete clearing. These are subconscious reminders that will reopen the original biological program. At the moment of the conflict-shock, the psyche is wide open and processing billions of bits of information. What we need to understand is that at the time a person may have experienced a shock the psyche will actually record whatever stimuli were in the environment at that moment in time. These stimuli or reminders need to be made conscious otherwise a vicious cycle ensues. It’s sometime just a subtle feeling, a fleeting thought or nuance that releases the conflict and allows the body to heal.

          Portions of the above were abridged from


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