Autism’s rise over the last forty years is a puzzling complex of theories, speculation and so many unknowns. There’s no single, unifying answer. The research today is focused on genetic mutations, such as De Novo Copy Number Variation (CNV) that is believed to be associated with autism and autism spectrum disorder. The gene editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 is being researched as a means of ‘deleting’ a ‘potential’ autism gene.

Researchers today are very gifted at observing the most minute biochemical alteration yet still continue to lack an understanding of the broader process. Missing the forest for the trees, so to speak.

Where science and spirit merge. I personally believe the unique frequencies that constitute today’s incarnating souls are in dissonance with the present available genetic material – resulting in these observed mutations and changes.

We must first look at what is being labeled as autism. True autism is very similar to a state of catatonia. The child is withdrawn as if locked in their own private bubble. It is only this state that we will discuss in today’s blog.

With that said, here is a very basic understanding of the autistic state from the perspective of German New Medicine. Emotional disorders such as Autism involve multiple biological conflict-shocks in opposing halves of the brain, referred to as constellations. In other words, one active conflict on each hemisphere in direct opposition. Think a constellation of stars in the night sky.

These constellations will always create unique psychoses depending upon their sequence and combinations.

Dr. Hamer has unraveled the brain and has shown us that a true autism constellation involves an active conflict in the laryngeal brain relay (a fright, fear) combined with an active conflict in the stomach* brain relay (a territorial anger.)

For example, a child in day care has his special, security blanket abruptly taken from him by another child (a territorial anger) only to be followed by a screaming day care worker reprimanding him to stop it or else (a fright, fear.)

A second constellation possibility (depending upon gender and laterality) is an an active conflict in the rectum brain relay (an identity) combined with an active conflict in the bronchial relay (a territorial aggression.)

For example, a child of divorce is shuttled back and forth between mother and father (an identity – where do I fit in) only to be followed by a taunting from a bully on the school yard (an aggression.)

The symptoms of true autism makes sense and are clearly not a conscious choice on the part of the child. Due to the double conflicts affecting him or her, the child now feels the best option is to withdraw and shut down. If you’ve ever been deeply scared and angry at the same time – you can get a feel for why the shutting down or going within occurs. This is the autism ‘software’ program running.

Often times the anger conflict plays a prominent role in the larger constellation.

What I am describing, once again is true autism. We may, at times, see additional behaviors (conflict constellations) melded into the clinical picture – e.g. a double hearing conflict (waiting to hear and I cannot believe what I just heard) presenting as an auditory shut down.

The biological conflicts involved will always affect the territorial brain relays in the cerebral cortex. The left cerebral cortex is the female territorial realm while the right cerebral cortex is the male territorial realm.

Dr. Hamer has shown us that the masculine or right hemisphere is responsible for depression when part of a larger constellation. By depression, I am referring to simply feeling unmotivated and introspective. The feminine or left hemisphere – mania when part of a larger constellation. By mania I am referring to a similar mood of feeling motivated and energized to the classical manic expression.

When in constellation, if the greater mass or weight of conflict activity is on the right hemisphere the child will be depressive autistic (extremely withdrawn and will stare off in the distance), when of the left, manic autistic (extremely active.)

The challenges in assisting the child to recover from these constellation conflicts is often the limited communication at play.

Identifying the causative biological conflict requires working with and through the parents as surrogates. Since one or both parents are with the child at all times – they are often tuned in to any biological shocks the child may have experienced. When this is not the case, it may become necessary to manipulate or “refresh” the child’s environment in order to bring about a downgrade or resolution. Every case is different and it’s important to put yourself in the child’s shoes.

Asperger syndrome, often labeled as autism has absolutely nothing to do with the above unique constellation.

A beautiful interpretation of autism, written by Susanna Mittermaier may be viewed here.

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*bile duct, duodenum and pancreatic duct relay.


3 thoughts on “Autism

  • April 11, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Thank you for this very important article!

  • January 22, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    So, can GNM help with Asperger’s?

    • January 22, 2018 at 3:32 pm

      It is my understanding that Dr. Hamer has not identified a specific constellation for Aspergers. We have to look at what is being labeled as such. It is only by breaking down the observed presentation are we able to unravel what, if any conflicts may be responsible for the outward behavioral expression.


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