EczemaEczema is a biological conflict in German New Medicine that is all about relationships.

Laterality will therefore apply. Eczema revolves around the two sided concept of a separation. Wishing to be separated or wishing to be reunited. It’s main focus is on touch. As we enter the conflict active phase, it is the epidermis that is affected, although no ulcers will be visible, there will be some sensory loss and potentially some memory loss.

As we enter the resolution or healing phase the skin becomes flushed, hot, red, itchy and painful. During the EC (epi-crisis) there may be a loss of consciousness. The location of the eczema provides us vital clues. When the eczema presents on inside of the extremities – it represents a dhs (biological conflict-shock) of not wanting to separate.

When the eczema presents on the outside of the extremities – it represents a dhs of wishing to push away or separate from someone or something. As the individual comes to understand the separation and ‘puts it to bed’, a natural healing will commence.

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