Don't Bite your Tongue! German New Medicine Specialist.In German New Medicine, squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue involves tissue that is ectodermal in nature. It also involves the cerebral cortex as the control center.

This is important as the tissue will ulcerate (microscopically) during conflict-shock activity. Upon conflict resolution, the tissue loss (ulceration) will stop immediately and will re-fill in very quickly, with rapidly dividing cells (cancer). The fact that you a growth is present indicates that the conflict has resolved.

The biological conflict-shock associated with this situation is ‘wanting to say something, but you can’t or won’t’, ‘If you say something then it will cost you’. You literally have to “bite your tongue” – if it’s the front. The back of the tongue really has more to do with not even being able to verbalize what you want to say….bottom line “it will cost you something” if you speak up.

The fact that the branchial arch (often misinterpreted as lymph nodes) is also affected has to do with either ‘no control’ or if ‘something is said it is dangerous to do so.’ We must look at laterality to determine which it is. The branchial arch (lymph nodes) are a separate conflict that occurred at the same time as the tongue conflict-shock. Metastasis is still a theory. One event can cause multiple conflict-shocks.

The healing or reconstructive phase is normally 6-8 weeks, but it can be prolonged if there is a conflict relapse. If there is bleeding, it means that the Epi-crisis (peak of the reconstructive phase) has been reacghed. If it continues – we need to look at tracks. Purple bubbles will open, bleeds and heal…..completely.

There is no scarring because it is really the skin. If it bleeds after that, there won’t be a purple bubble….the tongue just opens and bleeds – with a track.

This is a completely different understanding of cancer. Dr. Hamer’s research is difficult to process for many. As a german new medicine practitioner, the reality is I have witnessed these natural laws and I can no longer dispute their validity. I can no longer look the other way.

Cancer is surrounded by so many myths, misinterpretations and malpractice. It will challenge what we think we know. Dr. Hamer has found the mechanism. He has figured out how cancer (and disease) function.

If one does not understand Dr. Hamer’s findings the entire situation can be, obviously quite scary. That is the wonder of German New Medicine – Dr. Hamer has given us the blueprint to understand the cause, course and amelioration of nearly all disease, cancers included. Education – so that you understand what is going on, what it means and how to navigate through it.

Panic and fear can cause additional conflict-shocks which medicine will say is further metastasis. Fear and panic can also complicate the healing phase.

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Don’t Bite your Tongue! Tongue Cancer.

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