Hepatitis. German New Medicine Practitioner.As a German New Medicine Practitioner when one experiences a territorial anger over a boundary violation (a boundary that has been violated, breached) usually relative to money, property, an inheritance (in the case of a left-handed female, we are looking at an identity issue) – they may experience that situation as a biological conflict of the bile ducts.

German New Medicine reveals that inflammation of the bile ducts (with or without hepatitis) commences when the above biological conflict initiates an emergency adaptation response designed to assist an individual during the conflict active phase.

In German New Medicine, the use of the term conflict is very different from that of its use in psychology. In German New Medicine, a biological conflict is a consciousness “Catch-22.”A trauma, shock, difficulty, dilemma or conundrum which the individual must overcome in order to insure it’s biological integrity or survival. The “Catch-22” lies in the reality that the biological conflict cannot, at least at that moment in time be resolved. A stalemate of sorts ensues, but like any good stalemate something has to give, so nature intercedes to take the ‘weight’ of the distress off of the psyche and shift it to the body, in this case, the bile ducts. The ‘weight’ is translated into a compensatory emergency biological program that expresses on the cellular level that the body is able to run or process over time.

This is nature’s way of satisfying Abraham Maslows ‘need for self preservation as the translation from the consciousness to the body (organ) buys time for the possibility of a conflict resolution.

In this particular situation, ulcerations of the squamous epithelium of the bile ducts will initiate, an ulcerative widening of the ducts and gallbladder. Mild pain may be evident. The biological meaning is revealed during this time of conflict activity as the ulcerative widening of the bile ducts facilitates a greater bile flow to assist the individual in ‘coming to terms’ with the situation.

Upon conflict resolution, the ulcerations heal and swelling occurs in the bile ducts. With chronic relapses, scarring and possible occlusion of the bile ducts may occur – this is what is commonly known as cirrhosis.

If a Kidney Collecting Tubule Program (existence) is running concurrently, severe bile duct swelling, jaundice, an enlarged liver as well as elevated liver enzymes may be seen.

What standard medicine calls hepatitis, is, upon a slight movement of the kaleidoscope a meaningful adaptive program created to assist us in resolving a difficult biological “Catch-22 of a territorial anger over a boundary violation. At the peak of the conflict resolution, known as the Epi-Crisis (EC) is when we sometimes witness a liver coma.

If and when the individual can resolve the conflict and address all tracks, everything will return to normal. Tracks are conscious and subconscious stimuli that will reopen the original biological conflict. At the moment of the biological conflict shock, the psyche is wide open and processing billions of bits of information. What we need to understand is that at the time a person may have experienced a shock the psyche will actually record whatever stimuli were in the environment when the shock occurred.

Is hepatitis contagious? For a little background surrounding the concept of a viral cause to hepatitis as well as the misunderstandings associated with testing protocols.

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Hepatitis. German New Medicine Practitioner.

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