Intraductal Breast Cancer

Intraductal Breast CancerIn our last blog we discussed lobular or glandular breast cancer. Biological conflicts may be sexual, procreative or territorial (nest) in nature.

Dr. Hamer’s research demonstrates there are two basic types of breast cancer, glandular (lobular) and intraductal. Let’s take a look at intraductal breast cancer today. The biological conflict associated with ductal breast cancer is one of separation …. a brutal separation.

A nest member that is torn from your breast, torn from your life, lost to you, taken away, moved away. Since you can no longer nurture that nest member that is gone – the lining of milk duct ulcerates or widens to allow draining of excess milk that will no longer be needed to nurture that nest member that has been lost or removed from the nest. This is the biological or meaningful purpose of the ductal program.

We need to reframe our thinking from cancer to a biological program running. During the conflict active phase one will not notice any symptoms, perhaps a slight pulling at most. Only upon conflict resolution is when you will notice symptoms as the tissue loss that occurred during conflict activity is refilled and replenished. This is a curative or healing tumor (cell augmentation.) At this stage the tissue swells, is painful, red, hot and itchy.

So we need to ask, what put you into resolution of the above biological conflict?

The relationship is vital as it will determine which breast is involved. If the conflict is too distressing to process, e.g. the shock of a miscarriage the weight of the distress is taken off of the psyche and shifted to the body or organ, in this case the breast. Consultations entail a form of an investigative dialogue or emotional detective work specifically directed to search the consciousness and unearth the unique conflict-shock.

We focus on its identification and resolution (if appropriate) only. Our protocol differs significantly from that of our contemporaries as we never encourage a member to abstain from or stop conventional western medical treatments. Our approach is to leave the doctoring to the medical experts, yet support the client emotionally by resolving the root issue that originated in the consciousness.

This blog is an educational only blog. The information and services contained herein should not be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for disease.Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult with their physician in order to determine the proper, correct and accepted treatment protocol before using anything that is disclosed on this page. Please visit our Legal page for more information.

Intraductal Breast Cancer.

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