Kidneys Stones and German New Medicine (GNM)Kidneys Stones and German New Medicine (GNM)

Kidneys Stones occur in a specific part of kidney called the renal pelvis.

The biological conflict reflects an inability to demarcate one’s boundaries, to make a decision, to draw a line in the sand, to commit. During the conflict active phase small ulcerations occur in the renal pelvis.

There will be no pain at this stage. Yet it is at this stage that we develop kidney gravel and stones.

Upon resolution of the DHS, swelling of the renal mucosa, pain, spasms may present. Renal colic (renal ureter peristalsis) may also be evident. At the epi-crisis which is the peak of conflict resolution- the gravel or stones can become lodged in the renal pelvis, urethra and bladder.

When a Kidney Collecting Tubule Syndrome (also known as a water retention conflict) is in play – the increased fluid retention, swelling and inflammation will amplify the symptoms.

The Kidney Collecting Tubule Syndrome is a biological conflict of isolation, abandonment and existence.

Kidneys Stones and German New Medicine (GNM)

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