Bartholin’s Cyst.


Bartholin's Cyst


For those of you out there that have experienced a Bartholin’s Cyst, you understand how painful, frustrating and embarrassing the condition can be.

Sexual intercourse can be near impossible due to the pain. A Bartholin’s Cyst, also known as Bartholinitis occurs when a Bartholin’s gland becomes blocked and inflamed.

From a German New Medicine perspective a Bartholin’s Cyst is glandular in nature. The function of the gland is to produce lubrication for penetration. This function provides much information as to the biological conflict at play – a woman is unable to produce adequate vaginal secretions for penetration.

In a recent consultation, it was revealed to me that my client experienced that very biological conflict leading to her present cyst. She had been stuck in a unloving marriage for many years. A marriage in which she had zero attraction, interest in her husband.

Coming from a very traditional upbringing she felt it was her obligation to have relations with her husband even though they had drifted so far apart and were essentially just roommates. It was physically near impossible due to the lack of love and therefore lubrication. She could not get aroused or stimulated when her husband was in the mood (her dhs) and the encounter usually ended in pain and frustration.

Being controlled by the old brain the gland will enlarge during the active phase of the conflict. The biological meaning to produce more mucus for successful penetration. It is at this stage that a cyst will be diagnosed.

Once resolved, TB bacteria will deconstruct the glandular cells (abscess) and will usually drain on it’s own. With chronic relapse (tracks) the cyst may not drain on it’s own and will need intervention as it did in this case. For this woman, she ultimately needed to get out of the marriage and move on for the Bartholin’s process to stop.

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Bartholin’s Cyst

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