Anchors um, uh, err Cankers Aweigh (Away)


I saw a client’s son this week with cankers sores – a session that jarred my own memory.

When I was around nine years old my entire mouth broke out in canker sores (aphthae) – at least a 5-10 throughout my mouth. I remember how utterly painful it was – couldn’t eat, swallow, smile or even sing – a serious thing when you’re known as The Golden Voice of Framingham, Massachusetts. ;’)

I remember going to my pediatrician, Dr. Seigel, who shrugged it off as a viral infection of some sort. What a strange event. It never happened again yet I had always wondered about it.

Back to this little boy. His mom explained that the cankers appeared about a week prior and she had read much online – most of which was in disagreement. She read of separation conflicts (often wanting to separate from something orally) being the cause. She read of revulsion, dirtiness conflicts – none of which fit for her son.

When I explained to her that Dr. Hamer shows us that the conflict is one of anger (right handers) and or identity (left handers) involving the *small curvature of the stomach – it finally made perfect sense.

Screen shot 2016-08-12 at 2.13.00 PMShe explained to me that her son was very close to his older brother who had just got his license. He was running around with his high school buddies now, while leaving his little brother behind. This created an enormous amount of anger and resentment.

I explained to the mom that the cankers only express themselves after we have come to terms with the conflict. What was it that put this little boy into resolution as the canker sores are a healing phase expression and not a conflict active one. She shared with me that her older son offered to drive his younger brother and friends to the arcade every Wednesday after school – a trip that he of course would chaperone. Often times, the most practical solution is the simplest. For this little boy, he had his big brother back!

The mom followed up with me ten days later and the cankers were all but healed. I explained to her that down the road, her son will just need to be mindful of tracks.

As for me, I never was able to recall my own unique biological conflict from 45 years prior, yet if I ever go on a track – it will most likely provide me with enough information to jog my memory relative to the original dhs.

On a side, cracking of the superficial layer of skin, in the corner(s) of our mouth is a biological conflict of separation. Both laterality and the contact point apply.

*The tissue found in the oral cavity is embryologically derived from the same germ layer.

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Anchors um, uh, err Cankers Aweigh (Away)
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