Catch and Release.


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As I was surfing the web a while back, I stumbled upon a blog (which you may read here >>) entitled “German New Medicine  – Revolution or Just Madness?”

I couldn’t help but be curious as I know I’m not mad but I’m not much of a revolutionary either.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Wassim.

If you’ll allow me to provide another perspective.

You state…”However, cancer is like any other disease. It can be healed when the patient transforms her soul and releases the consciousness of being a victim.”

You then go on to state… “The idea that emotions can cause some health problems is true from my experience, but if you have no understanding of how to release emotions in a magnificent way, you have no chance to heal any disease by targeting the emotions alone.”

You’ve hit on it — the individual needs to be able to release the biological conflict.

Most do not.


They have no idea how.

It is only when we understand a biological conflict from a greater perspective — can we release it.

Wayne Dyer spent his entire young life hating his father for abandoning the family. (Please see above video .48 sec. – 4:30 sec.)

Yet when he went to his father’s grave (to piss on it!) he realized that very abandonment catalyzed within him a lifelong search for truth, for answers – ultimately leading to the creation of what would become his life’s purpose as a self-help author and a motivational speaker.

His first book, Your Erroneous Zones, is one of the best-selling books of all time, with an estimated 35 million copies sold to date. (Wikipedia.)

His father’s actions were, in the greater perspective — a blessing of incomprehensible affect.

It’s about context and perspective.

Releasing a biological conflict is not simply unearthing it, acknowledging it and pondering it.

Releasing a biological conflict is a matter of understanding the conflict with greater perspective and in a grander context.

When we understand our unique biological conflicts in this way — we can release them. It does not change what happened but it allows the psyche to stop doting on it.

This, of course, is not readily known — it needs to be.

This German New Medicine blog is an educational only blog. The information and services contained herein should not be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for disease. Those seeking treatment for a specific disease should consult with their physician in order to determine the proper, correct and accepted treatment protocol before using anything that is disclosed on this page. 

Catch and Release
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