Ear infection. Otitis Media.

Ear infection . Otitis Media.

Ever have on of those moments where you had to double back over what you thought you just heard?

Surely, you misunderstood what was said? Nope. You heard it correctly.

Otitis media, the common ear infection, is the expression of a resolved hearing ‘morsel’ conflict affecting the middle ear.

In the animal kingdom, a ‘morsel’ is literal. In our human realm, it is more often figurative – as in not being able to ‘catch’ or ‘eliminate’ the hearing or sound morsel. Not being able to catch or eliminate something we heard.

In German New Medicine hearing ‘morsels’ often relate to; I cannot believe I just heard that and or; I don’t want hear that.

The hearing ‘morsels’ that we wish to hear affect the right ear, whereas hearing ‘morsels’ that we wish not to hear affect the left ear.

Not hearing what the teacher said, not hearing the boss’ instruction will affect the right ear. It is something that you desire to hear but perhaps didn’t quite catch.

Hearing that your mom was rushed to the hospital, hearing a loud, unwelcome noise will affect the left ear. It is something that you can’t believe you heard, you don’t want to hear.

We are often able to make a connection between the onset of the infection and the hearing morsel at play.

Ear infections are more frequent in children as they are lower on the hierarchical totem pole of power. Children are not generally in the drivers seat, issuing directions and commands. They are in receiving mode due to their age and are in more of a passive or recipient mode; always on alert to accept directions and guidance.

Additionally, the relationship involved as well as the side it was perceived to be heard on, all play a role.

During the conflict active phase there will be cell proliferation of the nerve fibers in the middle ear and hearing will actually improve.

Once we resolve the conflict and enter the healing phase the cell augmentation that had previously occurred is now decomposed by mycobacteria.

Pain, swelling, discharge may all be present at this time. Blocked ears and impaired hearing may persist if the conflict becomes chronic.

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Ear infection

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