Essential Blepharospasm.


Essential Blepharospasm

Due to my schedule at the moment, this blog will be short and sweet.

Last year I was chatting with a client diagnosed with essential blepharospasm or eyeblinks. This is where the eyelid uncontrollably winks. It is often called a tic. The blinking can range from a clamping down of the eyelid to just a very subtle twitch. When I asked her when the winking began she explained it was shortly after she witnessed her dog run onto a frozen lake and fall through. The biological shock associated with essential blepharospasm is one of something that one didn’t want to look at or couldn’t bare to look at. The clamping down occurs during the resolution or healing phase.

The degree of wink reflective of the intensity and duration of the conflict active phase. Laterality (relationships) do apply – but the eye affected may also be related to the eye side that witnessed the event, so a thorough history is important. During conflict activity a subtle paralysis of the eyelid muscle will appear. The winking, blinking of the eyelid is a visible sign that the body is striving to get back to normal. If no conflict relapse (tracks) interrupts the resolution phase the eyelid function will return to normal. What was interesting with this woman was although her dog was her “baby” in terms of laterality (the blinking would normally express with the left eye as she is right handed) – the fall through the ice was “seen” through her right field of vision and hence that eye was affected.

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Essential Blepharospasm

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