Grand mal seizure and Epilepsy

Grand mal seizure and Epilepsy

A grand mal seizure also known as a generalized tonic-clonic seizure features violent muscle contractions and at times, a loss of consciousness. It’s the type of seizure most people picture when they think about seizures in general.

In German New Medicine when the resolution of a motor conflict occurs at the same moment in time as the resolution of a separation conflict we will experience the grand mal.

I was working with a participant a few years back whom, after finalizing his divorce began experiencing what I can only describe as shoulder shakes. A violent shuddering of both shoulders. This represents a petit mal seizure. This had been going on for approximately three years when he came to see me. Understanding that the shuddering (tonic-clonic cramping) was the resolution of a motor conflict, and the conflict had only been going on for three years – was therefore safe to look at. I asked him what did he resolve shortly before they began? What was good? What was at ease?

It was pretty clear the finalization of his divorce was the resolution for him – but the resolution of what?

Taking a few steps back, it is important to understand the symbolic action of the shoulders. We often symbolically shrug something off, someone away with the motion of our shoulder.

His mother-in-law had been a contentious thorn in his side from day one. She was a package deal along with his fiancee. She insisted on accompanying them on their honeymoon! That was the last straw as he would not agree to this and had to shrug her off, push her away – once and for all. At the same time his mom said she would go to keep the mother-in-law in check. Double whammy. He would not agree to this either and had to shrug her off, push her away as well. So now we have a bilateral motor conflict centered around the shoulder girdle muscles.

There was one more component. Relative to his mom he felt awful that he had to push her away. He experienced a separation dhs at that moment as he did not want to separate from her.

We’ve already discussed the nature of the conflict. The exact nature determines which muscles are affected. During conflict activity there is muscle paralysis (play dead reflex). You will generally not even be aware of this phase – perhaps some heaviness in the area in question. Upon conflict resolution – at the height of the healing phase (the EC) will appear the twitching, trembling which is the seizure. This muscle activity (spasms, twitching) counteracts the paralysis (inability to move, feeling stuck, pinned down, unable to hold onto, unable to shrug away) with maximum movement. This ‘seizure’ is a visible sign that the body is striving to get back to normal.

If no conflict relapse interrupts the healing phase (tracks) the muscles will return to normal. The uncontrollable trembling can be very alarming and discouraging to the uniformed person and often leads to a vicious cycle of relapse. This is the basis of epilepsy – the resolution phase which affects the motor cortex in the brain along with the cerebral medulla (striated musculature.) When the separation conflict resolves at the same time – a loss of consciousness may occur. This is a grand mal seizure which affects both the sensory and motor cortices simultaneously.

It is only through observing the EC or epileptic crisis that will assist us in garnering information about the original conflict shock. Remember that every component of the original biological conflict is re-experienced at the epileptic crisis. Observation will provide us great insight.

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Grand mal seizure and Epilepsy

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