Tonsillitis. Tonsil Stones.

Tonsillitis. Tonsil Stones.
Seen most often in children, tonsillitis reflects a basic biological conflict theme of want, don’t want.

Dinnertime is the perfect storm for ‘morsel’ conflicts. How often do our children refuse to eat something due to it’s texture or taste? How often do they only want the ice cream cone or sweet dessert and not the broccoli.

In German New Medicine, the tonsils react to what are known as ‘morsel’ conflicts. In the animal kingdom, the term “morsel” is literal. In our realm, it can be literal or figurative. A morsel could be an object, food, situation, event, occurrence, relationship or person.

The right tonsil addresses the incoming morsel to swallow – wanting, desiring, reaching for, yet cannot attain or has to relinquish. The child wants to keep the ‘morsel’ but has to give it up.

The left tonsil addresses the outgoing morsel to ‘un’swallow or spit out – not wanting, not desiring, yet cannot expel, eliminate or shake off. The child wants to get rid of the ‘morsel’.

Excerpted from… “Occasionally, both tonsils are affected with conflict from one scenario. For example, I don’t want broccoli (left tonsil) | I want ice-cream (right tonsil.) Notice one is not wanting and the other is wanting and both are happening at the same time.”

Excerpted from … “In a figurative sense, even having to put a toy down because it is dinner time, is an example of wanting a morsel but having to give it up. Transitioning between play time and dinner time in a creative way can help reduce conflicts in this area. A parent may allow one’s child to bring the toy with them to the dinner table or just make a light and upbeat transition statement such as, “Oh look, it’s time for dinner!” and sing a jingly dinner time song that triggers the child to sing along in a dinner time parade to the table. The child will join dinner less reluctantly in this case than when a statement is made such as “time to put that toy down; you know there are no toys allowed at the dinner table”.

When the child is in conflict activity, the tonsils will enlarge due to cell proliferation. When the child has come to terms with the issue and enters the healing phase, the cell proliferation will now be deconstructed via bacteria – this is when the tonsillitis will most likely be diagnosed.

Tonsil stones, putty like more than actual stones are the result of the morsel being too big or too elusive to take in and incorporate on the right side and not able to get rid of, for the same reason, on the left side. It is the relapse in and out of conflict activity that is the source of chronic tonsil stones.

We are often able to make a connection between the onset of the tonsillitis, tonsil stone and the morsel at play.

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Tonsillitis. Tonsil Stones.

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