The obesity epidemic is due, in part, to the societal changes that have taken root over the last half-century.

This is weight that will not come off through proper diet, exercise or supplementation. It is weight that boomerangs back after the paleo or low carb diet ends.

It is an evolutionary survival program expressing itself. It will not change until the psyche is able to release the conflict and all tracks. Upon release, the kidney collecting tubules will “loosen” and the water will be pressed out from the body level as well as from the cerebral level as the urinary or pee-pee phase begins.

When we are conflict active, the brain establishes a new “set point” for our weight that reflects in the kidney collecting tubule activity.

There are several biological conflicts in German New Medicine which may “program in” obesity.

Two liters of water in our tissue weighs four and one half pounds. We can retain upwards of ten times that when both kidneys are active with conflict. Of course we need to account for other possibilities such as diet, exercise and of course additional biological conflicts such as the thyroid and pancreas.

When we have an active conflict (sympathetic) of the kidney collecting tubules – this is also known as a water retention conflict, where the kidney collecting tubules ‘tighten up’ and where there is minimum fluid (urine) excretion and maximum fluid retention.

The kidney collecting tubules are designed to absorb and expel the water morsel.

With a kidney collecting tubule program – the biological meaning is understood within the context of evolution. When a fish is washed ashore, it is immediately tossed into a life threatening predicament (water deprivation) where its very existence is threatened as it is out of it’s element and elements. In order to prevent the organism from drying out, the cells of the kidney tubules quickly proliferate with the biological purpose of closing the excretion filter so that water can be withheld to give the organism a chance to survive. The instant activation of this water retention program is vital, because without water all metabolic processes stop functioning.*

The organism will retain water so it does not perish – an age old survival mechanism. The intelligent purpose of the tubule program is to assist the organism during the distress until the next wave brings the fish back into its familiar environment. As humans we can experience that feeling of being a fish out of water or being separated from our group.

In the animal kingdom, e.g., if a baby is lost or separated from it’s mother or pack, it will perish. Abandonment translates to death as it will no longer be nourished. The lost young must therefore store every bit of nourishment as fat. For this reason abandonment is intimately tied to weight gain. If the water is not retained, the young would perish, therefore the psyche holds onto this fluid while the brain arranges for the maintenance thereof. In this manner obesity is “locked in.” This must be brought from the subconscious to the conscious.

I refer to a conflict of the kidney collecting tubules by the acronym, AIRE (Abandonment, Isolation, Refugee, Existence.) We need air(e) to survive. The kidney collecting tubules are all about survival and our existence.

There are multiple possibilities associated with the kidney collecting tubules – the biological conflict experienced as abandonment, isolation, refugee and existence.

ABANDONMENT conflicts are all about being left behind, deserted, discarded, banished, undesired and even ostracized. We may be separated, neglected, passed over and of course, abandoned.

Those experiencing abandonment may feel cut off from a source of emotional or other sustenance that has been withdrawn. (Wikipedia.)

Abandonment need not be physical – we all know a parent or individual who has emotionally withdrawn their love.

A classic example is the newborn being shuttled away from mom within seconds of life so the doctors and workers can perform the requisite measurements and evaluations. Seriously?

Another example would be the child coming home from school only to find out that one parent has left the nest due to a divorce.

Abandonment conflicts have been on the rise since the early 1970’s with the increased popularity of baby sitters and daycare as both parents venture out into the workforce.

As the nuclear family has morphed over the years more and more seniors are shuttled off to senior living, assisted living and nursing facilities – all increasing the incidence that the abandonment aspect of kidney collecting tubules will be activated.

ISOLATION conflicts are quite similar to abandonment and are all about feeling alone and emotionally unsupported. You’re on your own, no one to lean on, no one to hold you up, no support, seclusion.

As we get older and our parents pass away, kids move away and friends come and go – we tend to feel isolated more than at any time in our lives.

The mobile society of the twenty-first century where we no longer establish roots and strong ties. The extended family is so often a thing of the past.

Hospitalization can also isolate us.

Simply having our own approach as to how we choose to address our health issues can be isolating. At times we can feel like the black sheep.

With the increased incidence of schoolyard bullying, cyber-bullying and social isolation children are often left to deal with these difficult social dynamics alone.

Technologically, we are more connected than at any previous time in our history, yet so very alone. A friend of mine has over 900 Facebook friends – yet no true support.

A REFUGEE conflict is all about feeling like we are without roots, without a home, without a nest, out of place, out of familiar surroundings, our element.

Dr. Hamer having to live in exile (‘exiled in the desert’) for refusing to renounce his research findings is a classic example. Anytime we are thrown out of the familiar surroundings of home, work, or family – moving, relocation, travel.

Before I learned the GNM I would notice that when I traveled I would always wake up with puffiness under my eyes. I had always attributed this to the poor eating choices (salty foods) associated with traveling. I came to understand that traveling for me was a track that reopened a refugee or water retention conflict. As soon as I arrived home the puffiness would recede.

I was working with a woman months back that swore up and down she had no refugee conflict until we discovered that her family had moved forty six times in her fifty four years! This poor woman was a gypsy without a home.

Another man I was speaking with that had come to me for help with his gout also insisted that no refugee conflict was in play. It’s amazing how close we are to ourselves at times that we cannot see the obvious. As I explained the nature of the conflict, he turned to me in his heavy Scottish brogue stating that how much he missed his homeland and never fit in here in the States.

An EXISTENCE conflict is nearly always seen with a cancer diagnosis. In other words, the shock, the fear, the prognosis, the unknowns. The medical model and the cancer morphic field is so powerful that just the mention of the “C” word is enough to trigger fear and panic. When our existence is threatened by a cancer diagnosis one will all too frequently go down a slippery slope of absolute terror – the kidney collecting tubules may initiate and compromise the outcome.

An existence conflict arises when we feel our very life, even our livelihood is threatened – by a diagnosis, a near miss relative to an accident, a loss of job or career, loss of home to foreclosure (refugee as well.)

Our existence can also be threatened by fluid (water) and or money. Through a near drowning, a boating mishap – especially if one’s livelihood is made on the water, a tsunami. The Boston great molasses flood of 1919 is an example of our collective existence being threatened by fluid.

It can also be threatened, especially as tracks, by a bankruptcy, near bankruptcy, enormous credit card debt and or failing economic support (money is liquidity.) Think about it … drowning in debt, staying above water, liquidating one’s savings bonds.

It’s about losing everything – our existence, our livelihood is at stake.

In GNM we talk about “releasing the conflict” – for my Scottish friend above that occurred when he was able to identify the moment in time the biological conflict hit. He was able to identify that moment when he got off the plane in Boston, Massachusetts – was waiting for a taxi and realized he was “lost in the desert”, “a fish out of water”, “a man without a home”, “a refugee.” Once he understood this consciously, he was able to take practical steps to resolve it. He bought a home here in order to establish roots. In other words, his psyche released it.

Whenever we have a water conflict the kidney collecting tubules can activate at same time – so we always need to look to a biological conflict around water and or fluid conflict as well. This would include alcoholism.

It is only by releasing the AIRE conflict(s) that the water weight will be pressed out permanently.

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