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High Blood Pressure Hypertension. German New Medicine


High blood pressure or hypertension in German New Medicine relates to the kidneys. The biological conflict is one of water or fluid.

The hypertension appearing during the conflict active phase of the second conflict. A few conflict scenarios…an alcoholic upbringing, floods, being overwhelmed by water or fluid, a near drowning, a boating mishap, empathy of a loved one’s fear of water, bed wetting, fears of water retention in athletes.

A common question I am asked is whether a bleeding injury would qualify?

The answer is no! Blood in GNM is a spleen conflict and not a water-fluid one.

I have even witnessed hypertension caused by an body builders fear of gaining weight from water retention. When they resolved the conflict and dropped the “water” weight – the hypertension dropped. Common tracks are salt if the dhs involved the ocean, beer and wine if the dhs involved alcohol etc. During conflict activity the parenchyma cells of the kidney will ulcerate. Once the conflict is resolved or put to bed, the ulcerations refill and blood pressure will return to normal as long as all associated tracks are understood. A renal cyst may be diagnosed as a Wilms tumor. The cyst will be incorporated as a functioning part of the kidney.

If surgical intervention occurs prior to the cyst completing its formation – the adhesions present may be mistakenly identified as invasive metastasis. Two side notes – a myocardial infarct can also present with hypertension. If one’s very existence is threatened by the water conflict (tsunami, e.g.) – a conflict of the kidney collecting tubules may come into play and need be addressed as well.

High Blood Pressure | Hypertension.

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