Rectal Cancer.


Rectal Cancer. German New Medicine.



When dealing with rectal cancer, the biological conflict is a “morsel” conflict. In the animal kingdom, the term “morsel” is literal in the digestive tract. In our realm, it’s figurative. A morsel could be a situation, scenario, event, occurrence, relationship or person.

In the case of a rectosigmoid cancer – the morsel, situation, scenario, event, occurrence, relationship, person was completely digested, it was a done deal but it could not be finally “eliminated.”

Something that never came to full fruition, a morsel that was completely digested, ready to be expelled, then something unexpected happened, the deal fell through and the situation changed. Something that gave out at the last minute.

For example – buying a house. In your mind, it’s a done deal, you’ve completely digested the situation, in your mind – the house is yours. Then at the last minute, a deal breaker with the home inspection comes up and the deal falls through, the morsel (purchasing the home) was completely digested but could not be finally eliminated, because of that unanticipated home inspection issue. Almost finished, almost eliminated the morsel, then something happened.

In GNM we need to go back to when the colon symptoms began as the individual was in conflict activity at that time. What was going on in life at that time that fits that general conflict description? The need to figure out what the conflict was and to make sure it has been resolved is vital so that there is no additional cell growth.

Since we are dealing endodermal tissue, laterality is not relevant. The tumor grows during conflict activity. The biological meaning of a secretory quality tumor is to increase the digestive juices needed to completely and finally digest or breakdown the morsel. Once the conflict is resolved the tumor will be degraded with TB bacteria if present.

During the first half of healing phase may see we constipation.

Night sweats, fever, diarrhea, tubercular discharge, cramping and blood in stool and cramping is a sign of a normal biological repair process.

Polyps may be evident at the end of the healing phase. If these polyps are biopsied at the epi-crisis (EC) then a very aggressive form of cancer may be diagnosed as the cells go through a “mitotic surge” at the EC which mimics the conflict active phase.

Having the proper medical system in place to navigate through the programs unfoldment is of fundamental importance, but with an authentic understanding of GNM the majority of diseases may not reach the extremes we observe under a more traditional watch. In that standard, panic and fear inherent within the paradigm set into motion additional conflict-shocks (secondary and tertiary programs) that critically muddle the outcome, crippling the prospect of a recovery.

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Rectal Cancer. German New Medicine.

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