The Maloik (Malocchio)

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Warning: Mature Content and Sensitive Subject Matter.

In a 1974 episode of All in the Family. Frank Lorenzo (Vincent Gardenia ) gives Archie the Sicilian ‘malocchio‘ or evil eye – a curse that superstition says will bring ill fortune, ill health and in some circles, cancer of the eye on the poor recipient.

Luckily today, we know that malfortune, poor health and the like is no more curse influenced than the 1975 Boston Red Sox or the 2003 Chicago Cubs.

Even the dreaded Sicilian ‘evil eye’ has no correlative infliction, of course to eye cancer or ocular melanoma.

An ocular melanoma involves a morsel in German New Medicine – specifically a visual morsel.

In the animal kingdom, a ‘morsel’ is literal. In our human realm, it is more often figurative – as in not being able to ‘catch’ or ‘eliminate’ the visual morsel, relative to something we witnessed.

The visual ‘morsels’ that we wish to see affect the right eye, whereas visual ‘morsels’ that we wish not to see affect the left eye.

The unique biological conflict associated with an ocular melanoma involves a visual ‘morsel’ that was offensive, disturbing, dirty, abhorrent, horrible, grisly or revolting.

In other words unexpectedly seeing or witnessing something offensive, disturbing, dirty etc.

The eye affected is related to the cranial nerve innervation at play. The right eye relates to the ingoing morsel while the left eye relates to the outgoing morsel (expelling the offensive sight.) Additionally, the relationship involved as well as the side it was witnessed on, all play a role.

The melanoma will grow while the individual is conflict active. The melanoma’s function; to shield the individual from a sequential “offensive” morsel. It is only upon resolution that the mass will be degraded or walled off.

The navigation through the healing phase can be complicated but with a solid understanding of German New Medicine that journey becomes more hopeful. The chance of full recovery with minimal disability is dependent upon the amount of tissue increase (intensity and duration of conflict activity) as well as relapses or tracks.

Examples of such a visual morsel conflict include –

Witnessing a satanic, ritual act.

Witnessing a rape.

Witnessing sexual abuse.  

Witnessing an incestuous act (see Secret Tickle Time below.)

Witnessing a gruesome accident.

Witnessing a devastating fire where there is loss of life.

Witnessing your spouse in an act of betrayal.

Witnessing your child in unbearable pain.

Witnessing a Tijuana, Mexico “donkey” show (urban legend perhaps but see The 40 Year Old Virgin clip below.)

Witnessing homosexual activity (depending upon your views.)

These are just a few examples. It’s all about an offensive, dirtiness, taboo theme.

Ocular melanoma is an extremely serious subject, but in the interest of a bit of levity. Here’s a couple of clips that express two of the above…

The standard medicine tells us that this primary ocular melanoma will spread to secondary and tertiary areas. This is commonly known as the theory of metastasis. Yet, even the standard medicine admits the mechanisms are not completely understood. A simple question is posed. If a different brain location (relay) and a different embryonic germ layer is responsible for the secondary cancer, how can this possibly be attributed to metastasis?

Primary germ layers cannot transform themselves after conception. In other words, apples cannot become oranges and oranges cannot become limes. Metastasis in the conventional sense cannot exist in light of The Five Biological Laws. A single life event can impact the psyche in symphony. One traumatic event may have multiple facets and or what follows the diagnosis may lead to sequential facets (shocks.)

Dr. Hamer does not dispute the existence of secondary and tertiary cancers – but the notion of metastasis from a primary site becomes questionable in light of the second and third biological law of GNM.

More accurate is that metastases are the result of concurrent conflict-shocks, related to one life event, resolving in symphony.
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The Maloik (Malocchio)
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