Gout and doubt.




It’s been called the Disease of Kings. The theory being that gout is due to a Kings diet rich in protein, as proteins are broken down into uric acid – the theorized cause.

As the cartoon above expresses, gout most commonly affects the big toe but it can affect other joints that the psyche has experienced as doubt, in the form of a self-devaluation.

Gout, in German New Medicine is the resolution or healing phase of a bone self devaluation program coupled with the conflict active phase of a kidney collecting tubule program, KCTP. As we will soon discover, uric acid is present at the scene of the crime, it’s just not perpetrator.

With gout, the biological conflict is one of self devaluation relative to the area in question. A self devaluation conflict (SDC) centers around the concept of being unable – unable to do something, unable to perform, am I good enough, can I succeed, deformed there, ashamed there, tainted there, somethings wrong with that specific to that area.

We often see a performance relationship. Soccer, track, dance, fine dexterity tasks, even moving forward as a leader.

Case in point – a recent participant arrived with a diagnosed case of gout. He had experienced a major SDC relative to his inability to move his company forward (leadership) and take it to the next level. This was resolved and in a healing phase. When I asked him about a potential KCTP, we immediately ruled out abandonment, isolation, existence, finances and water. All that was left he informed me (in his heavy French accent) was refugee. ;’)

During the conflict active phase of a deep self devaluation (bone) we see osteolysis or cell loss. It is only upon resolution of the SDC that the bone begins to heal with the requisite selling, inflammation and pain.

When we are in a healing phase of one biological conflict, in this case, bone – and have a secondary active KCTP conflict we will experience what Dr. Hamer refers to as The Syndrome, KCTS.

The Kidney Collecting Tubule Syndrome, KCTS – also known as a water retention conflict, where there is minimum fluid excretion and maximum fluid retention.
This conflict amplifies all healing phase symptoms. Increased fluid retention, swelling, inflammation an of course pain.

There are multiple facets to a KCTP such as biological conflicts experienced around abandonment, isolation, refugee, existence, finances, water. This is where the intense pain associated with gout arises from – but it is due to conflict activity, not a healing phase!

So, where does the uric acid that is found within the joint come from? The traditional school of thought assumes that elevated uric acid is caused by kidney insufficiency. GNM shows us that the increase is rather an aspect of the KCTP serving the purpose of water as well as uremic retention.

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Gout and doubt.
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