Millions are affected by rosacea. Some famous faces past and present include; Rembrandt, W.C. Fields, Princess Diana, Bill Clinton, Renee Zellweger and Cameron Diaz.

In German New Medicine, rosacea is concerned with a biological conflict primarily of the facial capillaries. The capillaries respond to a self devaluation that embraces a shading of embarrassment or humiliation.

The embarrassment self devaluation conflict centers around being ashamed, tainted, ugly, deformed, less than whole, less than perfect specific to that area.

In 2014 I was working with a new participant who presented with rosacea. She was 34 and had never experienced rosacea at anytime previous in her life.

She had undergone repair for her deviated septum him in 2012 and was convinced that the trauma of the surgeons rubbing and irritating her face somehow caused her rosacea.

Upon further investigation we uncovered that the surgery was, in her mind, a failure – as it left a slight bump on the bridge of her nose that she was not happy with (her dhs, her conflict shock.) She was embarrassed by the imperfection and would hide the flaw with makeup – that was when she wasn’t wearing glasses. Her glasses she found sat exactly where the bump was and no-one would notice.

She had two options; understand the original conflict and let her psyche process it and the rosacea should go through a complete natural healing or find a permanent resolution and fix her nose “bump.”

She openly admitted that unless her nose was brought back to it’s original perfection, she could not come to full closure with the issue as she had to look at it everyday in the mirror. She chose the latter, came to terms with the conflict and sure enough the rosacea eventually cleared.

During conflict activity is when we see a degeneration of the walls of the capillaries while during the healing phase redness, flushing and inflammation will appear.

With ongoing conflict (chronicity) tissue elasticity is lost and the capillaries may remain expanded.

If the individual presents with pimples, bumps and or skin thickening – the deeper dermis has become involved either concurrently or sequentially with a separate conflict.

The dermis is about protection and also responds to feeling soiled, dirty and or disfigured. In our beauty conscious society this can become a vicious cycle until the individual becomes conscious of all conflict and subsequent reminders that reinforce the cycle.

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