Common Warts. Plantar Warts. Genital Warts.

Common Warts. Plantar Warts. Genital Warts.
Kiss a frog – your prince will come near, touch a toad – a wart will appear.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, a client called me last spring wanting to know the German New Medicine explanation for warts.

I explained to him that common warts involve the epidermis and embrace the healing phase of a biological conflict of separation – wanting to or not wanting to.

He went on to explain that the wart’s location then had him puzzled. As we delved deeper he confessed that he was recently with a woman that had a bit of a ‘reputation’ around campus. They had first been intimate a few weeks prior and he lamented that although he had used a condom – it kept retracting up an inch or so.

When I inquired where the genital wart was he stated it was at the very base of his penis, the area that was unprotected and exposed.

He had been googling warts and had come to understand that it was the human papilloma virus (HPV) that was responsible for transmission. This was further confirmed in his mind as the area that the condom did not cover was at the base of his penis – the exact area exposed where he believed he had contracted the wart … sounds logical.

As I asked what he remembered about the encounter – he recalled that he was overly fixated that the condom kept rolling up a bit and that the base of his penis would be potentially exposed to her vaginal fluids.

When I explained the biological conflict of separation, I asked if it in any way resonated with him.

“That’s exactly what I was feeling”, he shared. “I felt like asking her to not thrust so deeply as I did not want any vaginal fluids near the area exposed at the base of his penis.”

This was his DHS – wanting to separate.

When I inquired what put him into resolution he told me that they both got tested for a smorgasbord of STD’s and everything came back clear – he no longer felt the need to ‘separate’ when together intimately.

The standard take on the common wart is one of viral origin – the human papilloma virus or HPV.

Although HPV particulates may be observed in the tissue of the wart, it’s just not the causative factor.

Through the Second and Fourth biological laws of The New Medicine, Dr. Hamer has observed that viruses are naturally present in the body at all times, although remain “dormant” until needed. This is a symbiotic relationship at play.

The more than 130 types of HPV that are potentially associated with warts and will proliferate as the healing phase unfolds. Their very specific role – to deconstruct whatever cell augmentation took place during conflict activity.

The viral theory is where the misinterpretation exists (as is the toad theory ;’)

The wart is the expression of the programs natural unfoldment – the virus playing the part of beneficial friend, not causative enemy.

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Warts and all.

4 thoughts on “Warts and all.

  • February 28, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    Carolyn Myss should also be referenced for her ground breaking work. I enjoyed your article, but wonder if you could break down this information into more simplistic terms? I am having a difficult time following through with your complete sequence of ideas. Also, would hypnosis help a patient resolve past conflicts?

    • March 1, 2016 at 1:59 pm

      I love Carolyn Myss! Will take to heart your request to simplify. Hypnosis, NLP and bio-energetic psychology (TFT, EFT etc.) should be a last resort, imo.

      • March 3, 2016 at 3:40 am

        Thank you for taking the time to reply. Best of all wishes to you!

  • April 11, 2016 at 11:19 pm

    Please note that there are NO viruses (at least not in the allopathic meaning).
    Please read this opinion by a German science historian on the (now pretty famous) measles trial involving Dr Stefan Lanka – by the way, he WON the appeal in Stuttgart!
    This is on my blog, please ignore the Romanian text at the beginning.
    I translated the opinion from German into English and Prof Dr Walach confirmed to me personally that he finds the translation to be accurate.
    It is only an example, with respect to the measles “virus”, but if you check the literature, you will find the same flawed “science” everywhere where it is alleged that they “isolated” a “virus”
    Thank you for this great site!!


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