Constipation. GNM

Man suffering from constipation for 10 years has 11-pound stool removed

Constipation comes primarily from the colon. In German New Medicine the biological conflict (dhs) is one of an indigestible anger around a “morsel” with or without a sense of lack. A situation, circumstance, person, event that you could not digest, not accept, not come to terms with.

There is most often anger associated with it, but not exclusively. There may be a sense of lack as well. For example – you’re the youngest child, always receiving hand me down clothes. This is a scenario that encompasses lack – as there’s never enough money for new clothes by the time they get to you as well as anger.

The large intestines function is resorptive in nature, i.e. to extract nutrients from the foods we eat. During the conflict active phase of an indigestible anger dhs the colon expands, peristalsis slows and constipation results.

The Biological meaning being – to absorb the morsel more effectively by slowing down peristalsis. In the resolution or healing phase normal bowel function is restored. If stuck (no pun intended) in trying to identify the dhs, an implementation of reverse engineering can help. At times, the biological conflict is below our conscious awareness.

The ability to percolate it up from the subconscious while maintaining the safety and security of the client is paramount. In situations such as these, we can “reverse engineer” the conflict – every time you experience the symptom, ask yourself what just happened, what were you just thinking? Keep a notepad or iPhone nearby to jot down your thoughts.

After a few episodes you’ll see a common thread – as that will be a track. As we gather more and more information about what triggers it and places you back in conflict activity (tracks), the original biological conflict will become clear. Constipation can also be from the first half of a healing phase (pcl-a) of an indigestible anger around a morsel conflict in which case at the epi-crisis (EC) there will be cramping followed by diarrhea in second half of the healing phase (pcl-b).

Constipation. GNM
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