Migraines and GNM



According to German New Medicine, migraines involve biological conflicts expressing through the thyroid duct relay and or the branchial arch relay in the frontal area of the brain.

Migraines commence as we enter the healing phase.

Chronic migraines are the result of a constant reactivation of these relays through what are called “tracks”.

Tracks are unconscious triggers in our environment that reopen the biological conflict.

Migraines will cease once the original biological conflict(s) relating to danger and powerlessness is discovered and the connection with the associated tracks are understood.

Interestingly enough, each migraine sufferer is different. Some migraine sufferers have what are called “auras” – which are different biological conflicts that accompany and construct the overall clinical picture. One sufferer may have visual disturbances while another may have vomiting.

As a GNM practitioners we need to look for the undergirding conflict-shock that is manifesting as the unique symptomatic presentation. As always, laterality and hormonal status play a role.

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Migraines and German New Medicine

2 thoughts on “Migraines and German New Medicine

  • September 17, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    Makes sense. Thank you. Almost related, how about chronic depression in combo wmild nervous tremor (epilectic?) of body. More than one patient has presented these expressions as a “hangover” after a cluster of TBI seizures. In such cases, I consider hyperadrenia in the mix.

    • September 18, 2015 at 12:47 pm

      Good Morning William,

      In German New Medicine we approach the scenario by breaking down the components. So we would need to look at the tremors as well as the seizures (ruling out trauma and poisoning) as distinct biological conflicts. It is possible that one traumatic event activated all three, yet distinct conflicts. More accurate is that the symptomatic presentation is the result of multiple conflict-shocks, related to one life event, which can also resolve in symphony. Some (very) basic things to begin with regarding depression? A fear that you experienced within your territory (home, school, work, neighborhood) / A loss of your territory (e.g. your home was foreclosed upon, your school was shut down etc.)/ A territorial anger (home, school, work, neighborhood) / A boundary demarcation – some situation where you were unable to take a stand, unable to say no, unable draw a line in the sand, unable to say no.
      Warmly, Neal


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