Nature’s Mulligan.


Nature's Mulligan


noun NORTH AMERICAN informal

  1. (in informal golf) an extra stroke allowed after a poor shot, not counted on the scorecard.
  2.  (in informal application) it is the second, not the first biological conflict of a certain theme that it will express on the material or cellular level.

It is arguably one of the few sports terms believed to be named after a person, and with ramifications beyond the border of a golf course and into politics and daily life. You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy the benefits of a Mulligan – the term is now widely used to describe any do-over or second chance … Bob Denney, PGA of America.

The biological aspect of a DHS initiates when the trauma, shock, difficulty, dilemma or conundrum must be overcome in order to insure one’s biological integrity or survival but that very trauma, shock, difficulty … cannot, at that moment in time be resolved. It’s a stalemate of the psyche, a schism of one’s consciousness.

So, the Reflexive brain intercedes to take the ‘burden’ of the moment off of the consciousness where it is shifted to the material or body level in order to ‘buy’ time for a possible conflict resolution.

German New Medicine’s founder, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer has found that it is the second time we experience a biological shock (dhs) of a certain theme that it will express on the material or cellular level. The first biological shock (dhs) will not manifest on the organ or brain level.

Perhaps this is simply an expression of nature’s generosity in that she gives us a pass (a mulligan in golf terms) on the first experience of any given biological shock (dhs) of a certain theme.

Whether it’s nature’s benevolence or something else at play, the question then becomes, how?

Buckminster Fuller, may get us in the ballpark when discussing the ability of a structure to yield increasingly without ultimately breaking or coming asunder coined as tensional integrity or ‘tensegrity.’

Dr. George Roth extrapolated ‘tensegrity’ to biological entities – our body’s ability to absorb energy from physical trauma. Beyond the ability of the tissue to absorb, the tissue will either expand and lock in a larger state or break.

The concept of ‘tensegrity’ as a viable model to explain the complex properties of living organisms was put forward by Stephen M. Levin, M.D. The model has now been verified as the underlying structure of all organic tissue.

‘Tensegrity’ is perhaps not an exact parallel to the ‘first dhs grace period’, but may provide us some insight.

Theories aside, in real world application it is not always possible to identify the earlier predisposing conflict. Yet with a little digging and some perseverance …

A client of mine had identified the second biological conflict of ‘separation’ that was responsible for the expression on the material or organ level of her ductal breast program (DCIS.) It was a recent ‘separation’ from her son. When she searched for the first biological conflict of ‘separation’ relative to her son – it was clear. When her son was born premature, he was immediately ‘taken from her’ and placed in neonatal critical care for a month. The certain theme or feeling was the same.

In session, another had identified the second biological splenic conflict associated with an ‘abnormal blood result’ that was responsible for the expression on the material or organ level of his splenic program (cancer.) The biological conflict was experienced as an abnormal result came back from a during a routine blood test. When he searched for the first biological conflict of an ‘abnormal blood result’ – with a little soul (and dayplanner) searching he was able to identify the predisposing conflict – an abnormal blood test relative to his beloved Husky, Frida – some thirty-six years earlier! The certain theme or feeling was the same.

These are the beautiful nuances of the work – exacting, symmetrical and complete.

So many are tired of a lack of real answers. GNM is less an intellectual endeavor – rather it is a process of bringing the unconscious to the conscious, the unaware to the aware.

What Dr Hamer discovered was that whilst the biological program runs in the subconscious mind, when you consciously connect the symptoms of the disease with the biological conflict that triggered the disease process to start, it flips the “Off” switch. So by understanding the exact moment(s) in time when you experienced the biological conflict and consciously making all the connections – one can switch off the very ‘disease’ program.

The disadvantage with this ‘Off’ switch, is if there are reminders of the original emotional trauma which can switch the program back on again. The challenge with any German New Medicine session is to properly address these reminders that can delay a complete clearing. These are subconscious reminders that will reopen the original biological program.

At the moment of the conflict-shock, the psyche is wide open and processing billions of bits of information. What we need to understand is that at the time a person may have experienced a shock the psyche will actually record whatever stimuli were in the environment at that moment in time. These stimuli or reminders need to be made conscious, as well – otherwise a vicious cycle ensues.

It’s sometime just a subtle feeling, a fleeting thought or nuance that releases the conflict.

It is in the identification of both moments in time and their incorporation into our conscious awareness that we can truly experience the deepest level of resolution and healing.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung.

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Nature’s Mulligan
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