An understanding of German New Medicine is essential in order to appreciate the basic tenants of Dr. Hamer’s discoveries.

Yet, in order to have an experience of German New Medicine … that requires guidance.

If you are new to German New Medicine it is often a challenge to wrap one’s mind around it all – this is normal.

The biggest complaint I hear is the overwhelm that learning German New Medicine presents. Some websites are very technical while others are too abstract. Some information is simply not relevant to an individuals experience.

The purpose behind has always been to present German New Medicine in a way that is tangible and of course, far from boring.

Let’s face it one can only take so much endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm in one sitting.

Decades back when I was first exposed to German New Medicine – I grasped it very quickly (out of necessity).

My Mom was dealing with a lung program and with the help of a very experienced practitioner,  I simply dove in to the deep end of the GNM pool, so as to speak. This was and is the single most powerful way to absorb knowledge. When it’s personal it sinks in, real quick.

Not in a traditional classroom.

Not in a weekend seminar.

Not solitary online academia.

Rather … real life, real world. Sharing, knowledge and application based on years of actual client cases.

It is for that reason that education and practical application is intrinsically woven into all of FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype and traditional phone sessions. For the participant to have an authentic grasp of German New Medicine is of vital importance.

So, if you are just getting started, we recommend you begin here prior to your first session. It is suggested that you read through each link twice – the first time casually, as you would a novel | the second time detailed and focused, as you would a textbook.  Once sessions commence, a very customize learning experience will be tailored to your individual needs.

Mind you, this is not formal education  – yet we have found this creative method to be the most effective (and engaging) way to impart and share this information. Our clients have found it to be the single most effective way to absorb and retain German New Medicine.

You’ll own it. That’s real learning that stays with us.




A Basic Overview.

A Basic Overview.


Audio Introduction.

Marmalade Skies (Audio)

The Reflexive Brain.

The DHS.

Tracks, Triggers and Reminders.



Fear and Doubt.

The Morphic Kiosk - New Medicine Online - GNM Practitioner

Fear and Doubt II.

The Morphic Kiosk II (The Morphic Renaissance) - German New Medicine



Rhyme and Reason.