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I recently had an associate state that Hamer Rings are indeed artifacts of the technology.

When I inquired as to how he came to that conclusion, he stated that he had extensively studied the internet.

Oh, my! Keep in mind this individual never looked at a CT in his life nor has ever studied GNM.

The ring formations have a clinical radiological ‘course’, i.e. the sequential follow-up CT’s show them at the same locations but changed. (Siemens Corporation)

Really all one needs to understand is as we follow the course of a disease program with a sequential series of CAT scans, the Hamer Rings/ Hamerscher Herde distinctively morph in appearance (to coincide with the unfolding program) yet survive and remain identifiable not only from follow up studies on the same machine but from from one CAT scan machine to another!

As a German New Medicine practitioner and consultant I have personally seen this phenomenon. If these imprints were artifacts of the CAT scan technology, this would not occur.

It’s as simple as that.




Hamer Rings. Hamerscher Herde.
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