Dr. Neal Robert Smookler a German New Medicine Practitioners U.S.

Looking at an adenocarcinoma of the lung gives us a breathtaking round-earth perspective of the meaningful interplay of consciousness, brain and organ. We find the biological conflict centers around a “death fright”, e.g. a cancer diagnosis that is perceived as a “death sentence”, i.e. one has been told they have six months to live.

From a biological perspective, a death fright is equated with being unable to breathe, GASP. Anyone who has ever received such news will recognize the GASP reflex. As the consciousness interprets the biological theme of the event, simultaneously the shock impacts a very specific relay switch within the brain, in this case, the brainstem.

The moment the brain receives that impact, the information is immediately communicated to the corresponding target organ, in this example – the lung, which is placed on emergency stand-by; a total preoccupation with the shock is reflected with the cold hands, insomnia and loss of appetite of the stress response – all mirroring the individuals attempt at resolving the news.

Automatically, the alveolar cells of the lung (air sacs) which regulate breathing, begin to proliferate forming what medicine calls a tumor.

Yet, upon a slight movement of the kaleidoscope, an intelligent survival program emerges – the significance of the additional cells (tumor) serves to increase the available alveolar surface area, lung capacity in order to extract more oxygen to assist the individual through the death fright conflict-shock, thereby optimizing the individuals chance of survival. You see, nature is not in fact flawed, fallible and diseased. German New Medicine makes sense of illness, perhaps for the very first time and authenticates that disease is not a mistake of nature, but rather an intrinsic part thereof. That Mother Nature is not fallible and continuously susceptible to break down. With a liberation from fear and panic that can only come from an understanding of the biological purpose of disease, are we able to arrive at new conclusions.

Contrary to the accepted perspective, this multiplication of lung cells is not a pointless flat-earth process but rather serves a very definite biological purpose. The tumor growth will be in direct correlation to the intensity and duration of the shock. The cellular mitosis will continue until the conflict-shock is resolved, at that moment the consciousness releases the special program, as it is no longer needed – and the cells, as if on cue, stop replicating.

The New Medicine reveals that disease is not caused by malfunctions but rather is initiated by a Biological Conflict and an Emergency Adaptation Response that assists an individual during times of unexpected emotional distress. Whenever a living organism experiences an unexpected, highly acute trauma, one that is too overwhelming to process – nature intercedes to take the ‘weight’ of the distress off of the psyche and shift it to the body (organ). The ‘weight’ is translated into a compensatory special biological program that manifests on the organ level – that the body is able to run or process over time. This is nature’s way of satisfying Abraham Maslow’s need for self preservation as the translation from the consciousness to the body (organ) buys time for the possibility of a conflict resolution.

But we’re not done – now the repair crews come in for clean-up detail. The overgrowth of cells will be decomposed via mycobacteria and eliminated. If the microbes are absent, the nodules will be encased off as a harmless remnant of the biological program that has run its course.

The above referenced material reflects Dr. Neal Smookler’s individually held sincere belief regarding GNM. Members, of course may believe about GNM as they wish; they need not believe as Neal does to receive wonderful benefits. Dr. Neal Robert Smookler a German New Medicine Practitioners U.S.

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